Find Quality Designer Furniture at the Carrocel Showroom in Toronto

Buying quality furniture is a significant investment and requires some thought. There is more involved in the purchase than finding something you like in a store and taking it home – particularly if you are on a tight budget. If you wish to find high-quality furniture that will look great and serve your needs for a long time while remaining within your budget, there are a couple of things you need to take into account.

When you are looking for top quality furniture to enhance the appeal of your home or commercial space, visit the quality furniture experts at the Carrocel furniture showroom in Toronto. We have a wide variety of quality furniture to help ignite your imagination. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will also listen to and understand your needs then assist you with finding the right type and quality of furniture that will help you achieve your vision.

Quality Designer Furniture on Display at Our Toronto Showroom

The Carrocel furniture showroom, located at 245 Bridgeland Avenue near Yorkdale Mall in Toronto, offers an impressive and extensive variety of top-quality furniture. Whatever your taste and style, we have a wide selection of quality furniture pieces from high-end furniture designers and manufacturers to meet all your needs. With over 20,000 square feet of floor space, our showroom allows you to experience the difference quality makes and why Carrocel is the leading provider of high-quality furniture in Toronto.

We have the best collection of high-quality furniture pieces, suites, and accessories from around the world that appeal to every personal taste and lifestyle. You are welcome to visit our furniture showroom and have your imagination ignited with beautiful pieces from a variety of styles and periods. Visit us today to see what we have to offer.

How to Choose the Right Designer Furniture on a Budget

While there is a notion that creativity is, in part, corralled by budgets, everyone can still achieve their dream home furnishing even with a budget by keeping these things in mind.

Avoid Buying Furniture Sets

Buying a furniture set means you will have pieces that directly match each other. While this may be good in some cases, a more eclectic mix can often provide more visual appeal and flex in your budget. Go for furniture pieces that complement each other in some way such as colour, textile, visual weight or style. This will not only create balance and introduce character to the room but also allow you to invest in the most important pieces and find great bargains on individual items.

Go for Colour

If you don’t have much space to fill with furniture pieces, choose items that stand out. This also applies to the colour selection. In open areas, having mostly light or neutral items can make the room look empty. In these instances, you can save money by having your existing quality furniture reupholstered to newer, bold colour by the artisans at Carrocel. This allows you to bring new life and feel to a room at a lower cost than shopping for entirely new pieces.

Keeping the Balance

Your budget does not mean you are limited to minimalist décor. You can find many affordable custom-made furniture pieces that suit your vision and meet your budget. Blending vintage finds with new pieces will also create an interesting, vibrant look.

Get Great Luxury Furniture at Carrocel

There are many beautiful pieces available in our Toronto showroom for you to browse. Gather inspiration or find the perfect piece to complete a room by taking a look at our displays. If in doubt or you have any questions, our team at Carrocel is always ready to offer helpful advice.

Art Deco Inspired Centre Hall Foyer Table

  • Art Deco Inspired Centre Hall Foyer TableFlamed mahogany sunburst top
  • Hand polished black lacquer base
  • Art Deco Inspired Centre Hall Foyer Table

Modern Brass-Accented Black-Lacquer Credenza Buffet Sideboard

  • Modern Brass-Accented Black-Lacquer Credenza Buffet SideboardCurved sides with slotted brass hardware
  • Unique one of a kind flowing brass bases
  • Modern Brass-Accented Black-Lacquer Credenza Buffet Sideboard

Modern Bronze Leather Lounge Chair

  • Modern Bronze Leather Lounge ChairSolid bronze frame
  • Comfortable black leather wrapping
  • Modern Bronze Leather Lounge Chair

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