Buying the Right Type and Quality of Furniture

Purchasing new furniture requires some thought beyond walking into a store, deciding what appeals to you visually, paying for it, and bringing it home. There are some additional things that need to be taken into account in order to be sure that the item you’re selecting will not only fulfill its purpose but will also look great and last for a long time.

Establish Your Needs

It’s important to establish what you need prior to purchase. This can include what finish you want, how long you expect it to last, the décor it needs to match, and more. Also, determine what constraints you have. These may be the space of your room, your budget, or any health needs. Once you’ve identified both your needs and limitations, you will be able to explore your options easier.

Determine Your Style

Figuring out the interior style of your home is important before purchasing new furniture pieces. Decide if you want a statement signature piece or if you would be satisfied with a general mass-produced item. The right furniture helps to make your home both comfortable and visually appealing.

Check the Quality of the Wood

You can tell the quality of wood through a variety of features. This includes sturdiness, alignment, and finish. As far as the finish is concerned, it should feel smooth with no texture or rough patches anywhere. Be sure the wood also has the necessary requirements for where you’re putting it, such as moisture resistance if the item is going in the bathroom or kitchen.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Forgetting to measure the space you have and the furniture you’re looking to pick up is a common mistake. This can result in purchasing an item that is too large for the area you have. Also, buy your furniture based on its quality and how useful it is, rather than trends and aesthetic. Another important thing to keep in mind is who will be using the furniture. For older people or those with poor mobility, a low bed may be a good idea, while furniture for children should be hardy with smooth or rounded edges.

Include Storage

Furniture that has storage is a great solution for smaller living spaces. TV units, cabinets, and under-the-bed drawers are very effective for keeping items out of the way and maintaining a tidy and neat space.

Things to Remember Before Purchasing Certain Pieces

Sofa – Be sure that your sofa matches your décor, while also being comfortable. You also need to ensure that it is made of quality materials, including the fabric, stuffing, and structure.

Bed – Comfort is the main feature to look for when buying a bed. Along with comfort, you can choose to select a bed that adds a statement piece to the room.

Dining Set – Dining tables are used not only to eat at, but also to bring families together and discuss the events of the day. Your dining set should be stylish, comfortable, and efficient.

Table Lamp – Keep in mind that taller lamps provide more light to the room overall, while shorter table lamps are great for accent lighting. A lampshade helps to tie the lamp into the room.

Coffee Table – Determine what else you want your coffee table to do when you’re looking to purchase one. Some open like a chest and can be used to store blankets or photo albums, while others have display drawers and can hold items you want to show off. If you have pets or small children, it may be smart to avoid glass tables.

Carrocel’s High-Quality Selection

When you’re looking for new pieces for your home, visit the fine furniture experts at Carrocel, located in Toronto. Coming to our store will give you an opportunity to browse an outstanding selection of high-end furniture with a wide variety of design styles including:

Vintage Ribbed Vinyl and Walnut Sofa

  • Buying the Right Type and Quality of FurnitureMid-century black vinyl
  • Linear ribbed texture across the seat and backrest
  • Vintage Ribbed Vinyl and Walnut Sofa

Mid Century Modern Leather Day Bed

  • Mid Century Modern Leather Day BedCustom upholstered in a distressed Italian leather
  • Features three chrome legs and a roll cushion
  • Mid Century Modern Leather Day Bed

Traditional Carved Flame Mahogany Dining Table

  • Traditional Carved Flame Mahogany Dining TableTudor style table made of mahogany solids and veneers
  • Hand carved edges and pedestals
  • Traditional Carved Flame Mahogany Dining Table

Art Deco Glass Rod Floor Lamp

  • Art Deco Glass Rod Floor LampStainless steel column surrounded by ten glass rods
  • Rounded edges, glass shade, stainless steel base
  • Art Deco Glass Rod Floor Lamp

Brutalist Metal Cocktail Coffee Table

  • Brutalist Metal Cocktail Coffee TableBrushed polished metal top with cut patterns
  • Beveled top, legs are connected with three brass-coloured metal rods
  • Brutalist Metal Cocktail Coffee Table

For a more comprehensive view of our stock, browse our vintage and modern furniture catalogue. Call the custom furniture professionals from Carrocel at 416-999-2525 today or contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation at your convenience.

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