A Buyer’s Guide to Recognizing Quality Furniture

When shopping for furniture, it’s important to be sure that what you’re purchasing is of high quality so it will last. These tips will help you determine whether or not the piece you’re considering is well-built and suitable for your needs.

Recognizing Quality Furniture

  • Upholstered Furniture
    • Do not judge a piece of furniture on its upholstery alone. Beautiful expensive fabric may be covering poor quality construction. The seams on the upholstery should be even, with straight edges and no flaws in the fabric. Be sure to investigate the piece and don’t base your impressions on first glances.
    • Push on the furniture to check for stability as well as creaking.
    • Check to see if the joints are nailed or made of interlocking wood as opposed to stapled. Visible glue, multiple knots, and poorly attached legs are all indicators of low-quality furniture.
  • Wood Furniture
    • It is easier to inspect the quality of wood furniture compared to upholstered furniture. The moveable parts of the piece such as drawers, leaves, and doors should be inspected for ease of use and how well they fit.
    • Be sure to inspect the joints. The highest quality pieces will feature double dowels or other joints.
    • The wood itself should be smooth and well-sanded, the joints should be firm, and the drawers should slide well. Dents, scratches, chips, and raw edges can often be discovered by running your hand along the surface.
    • The hardware on the drawers should be attached firmly. Inlays should be inset into the wood rather than painted or placed on with decals.
    • Finishes should be clear and enhance details on the wood. Muddy stains may often hide flaws.
  • Metal Furniture
    • Joints in metal furniture should be welded rather than mechanically joined. Inspect the welds for cracks. High-quality welds should be ground down.
    • The gauge of the metal will determine its resiliency and strength.
    • Tubular metal should not have any crimps and should be capped with solid steel rather than a plug.
    • Any reflective metal should be evenly polished and have no scratches or pits.

How to Identify a Well-Built Piece of Furniture

  • No Wobbling, Sagging or Creaking: When visiting a furniture showroom, test the piece for quality. You can sit on the furniture, pick it up, and check it for noises and stability.
  • Check the Padding and Cushion Quality: Investigate the foam and padding on fabric furniture. Be sure that the padding is dense throughout the piece and not just on the seat. You shouldn’t be able to feel springs or framing anywhere.
  • Assess the Upholstery: When you’re content with the structure of the furniture, investigate the upholstery. High quality upholstery will use thick material that is tightly woven and be uniform everywhere on the piece. It also should not sag or stretch.
  • Identify the Wood: High quality pieces of wood furniture are often made using wood from deciduous trees such as cherry, oak, maple, or mahogany, as they resist cracking.
  • Examine the Construction: Investigate the construction of your furniture before you purchase it. Check the seams, drawers, doors, and joints to be sure everything is in excellent shape.

View A Selection of Carrocel’s Quality Furniture

When browsing for furniture to enhance the appeal of your home, trust the experts at Carrocel to provide you with high quality pieces. Visit our 20,000 square-foot showroom to view a variety of displays to inspire your imagination. These selections showcase only a small portion of the great pieces you will find when you visit our location at 245 Bridgeland Avenue in central Toronto:

Carrocel Custom Modern Black Lacquer Walnut Sideboard Buffet Credenza

  • Carrocel Custom Modern Black Lacquer Walnut Sideboard Buffet CredenzaHand polished walnut and black lacquer
  • Four doors and accented with polished stainless-steel hardware
  • Carrocel Custom Modern Black Lacquer Walnut Sideboard Buffet Credenza

Pair Of Leather And Chrome Loveseat Settees By Famous American Designer

  • Pair Of Leather And Chrome Loveseat Settees By Famous American DesignerThree bands of mirrored chrome on the frame
  • Features Italian Fabiano Nero leather
  • Pair Of Leather And Chrome Loveseat Settees By Famous American Designer

French Art Deco Marble Top Sideboard

  • French Art Deco Marble Top SideboardBurled wood veneers with a marble top
  • Central compartment has glass shelves with a mirrored back
  • French Art Deco Marble Top Sideboard

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