What Contributes to The Price of Custom Furniture?

Understandably, many people tend to think that mass-produced furniture is the more economical option to custom furniture. They, therefore, automatically dismiss custom made furniture for being out of their price range. However, the prices of custom pieces reflect their quality and value. Custom made furniture is created with top of the line materials and high-level skill. They undergo thorough quality control to make sure the product meets your individual needs and preferences. Therefore, whereas custom-built furniture might have a higher list price, it is a bargain for the quality and value you are getting. How does custom-built furniture achieve this value?

The Advantages of Custom Furniture

Various Factors Are Taken into Consideration – The prices of custom-built furniture reflect all the factors involved in producing high-quality products. At Carrocel, we price our custom furniture according to the quality of material used and the amount of work that goes into perfecting each custom piece.

Quality Materials Used – Furniture that is well taken care of can withstand many years of wear and tear. However, this is only true if the furniture is originally made from high-quality materials and with great workmanship. Furniture builders help their clients choose material for their pieces by providing them with the most suitable options that best suit their function and style preference. The high-quality materials are reflected in the cost of custom-made furniture.

Expert Techniques – Due to their specific design and layout, custom furniture undergoes a more meticulous build process as opposed to mass-produced pieces that may involve DIY assembly. Custom furniture providers need to maintain a team of skilled builders to meet orders at the expected level of quality. This team uses techniques and experience, meaning they do not have to cut corners. This results in high-quality products.

High Quality – Quality is a key aspect of furniture customization. Every custom-built piece should look good and function well long into the future. This means that custom made furniture providers have to invest in a stringent and meticulous quality control process that involves a sharp eye and careful testing. After all, it is important that the products reflect the provider’s brand quality and also meet the clients’ specific needs. However, this does not automatically mean that custom-built furniture pieces are out of your budget. It only means that they are priced to reflect the higher value.

You Get What You Want – Given the many factors that go into building custom furniture, you may be mistaken to think that every piece is expensive. However, considering the biggest factors that affect prices, such as design, size, build quality, wood species, and warranty, the cost will start to make sense. A bigger size piece will increase the price just like a more intricate design or higher quality finish. Therefore, you pay and get exactly what you want.

Custom Furniture is More Than Price – Custom-built furniture allows you to get exactly the comfort you need and the aesthetics to match your home or office. Additionally, it allows you to create and own furniture that will last many generations, and possibly even become an heirloom. It is not all about the price – it is much more.

Design Something You Love – Seeing something you’ve helped create become a reality drives a deep sense of pride and accomplishment. This is what custom furniture builders give their clients. For most people, the cost is nothing compared to the feeling of designing an exquisite piece of furniture and seeing it come to life.

Find the Perfect Custom Piece at Carrocel

Custom furniture allows you to dream, imagine and envision, then bring that vision to reality. At Carrocel, we will walk through the design with you. Using our extensive experience, we will make modifications to help the design match your needs and room. We use top of the line materials to build each furniture piece. Contact Carrocel today for custom-built furniture that will exceed your expectations.

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