Choosing the Ideal Furniture for Your Living Room

Answers to These Questions Can Sway Choice of Living Room Furniture

Although the floor plan of virtually any home will show an area defined as the living room, it is by no means the same size or shape in every case.  The square footage of the home will certainly have an effect, as will its type of construction; the discretion of the builder will also come into play in relation to the placement of windows, fireplaces, doorways, etc.

Carrocel Living Room FurnitureGenerally not included in any floor plans, though, are considerations about the size, style, or placement of the living room furniture after the new homeowner takes possession.  And this does not apply solely to new home construction but also to a vast majority of cases in which people are buying and/or redecorating an existing home – simply stated, those who build the home are usually not those who will eventually live in it.

In addition to the floor space and wall space of a living room, homeowner preference for the primary purpose of that room will further complicate matters in terms of furniture selection:

  • Entertaining family or friends?
  • Watching television as a family?
  • Just relaxing in front of the fireplace?
  • Reading/listening to music after dinner?

Carrocel Living Room Furniture ShowroomAll of this in turn provides an excellent opportunity for homeowners to speak with staff from Carrocel, the fine furniture store centrally located in Toronto near the Yorkdale Mall. Based on the size and shape of a living room, as well as answers to the type of questions above, a Carrocel team member will be able to recommend and present the ideal furniture selections for that space.

Some of the important considerations would include:

  • Furniture types – sofa, chairs, high-end coffee table/end tables?
  • Orientation – layout that best suits the primary use of the room?
  • Style of furniture – clean lines? rounded or angular? a sectional?
  • Type of upholstery – for adult use only or children and pets too?
  • Colour – how will this furniture complement the rest of the home?

There are indeed some important questions that need to be answered before making a final decision on furnishing a living room. A visit to the Carrocel showroom, in conjunction with the knowledge and expertise of their experienced staff, would likely provide the necessary insight to make an informed and prudent decision.

Consider These Factors When Choosing the Colour of a Living Room Sofa

Independent of the selection criteria noted above, it is often the choice of colour that makes the biggest impression when family/friends see one’s new living room sofa for the first time.  And most people are well aware that there are no second chances, or do-overs, to make a first impression.

When deciding on the colour for their new living room sofa, homeowners must take other factors into consideration than just the actual shade itself.  Such elements would include:

  • Texture
  • Room décor
  • Accent shades
  • Colour contrasts
  • Amount of natural light
  • Period of natural light (window orientation)

Carrocel Living Room Furniture DisplayCarrocel fine furniture offers an exquisite inventory of living room sofas, in an impressive array of styles, colours, and materials, that are certain to meet the needs of discriminating homeowners.  For more information on the range of options available from Carrocel, visit our Living Room Furniture page or visit their Toronto showroom on Bridgeland Avenue near the Yorkdale Mall.

Looking to revitalize or redesign the look and functionality of your living room with a stylish new sofa and high-end coffee table? Call the fine furniture specialists at Carrocel today at 416-999-2525 or contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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  • Maggie Allen says:

    It’s good to know that the texture and natural light can affect the color of sofa you should get in your living room. Whenever I look at furniture, I never think about how the lighting in a room would affect it, but it really can change it! For example, a room with a lot of natural light will naturally make your decor and furniture a warmer color.

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