Balance Makes a Room

How to Incorporate Fine Living and Dining Room Furniture into Your Design Ideas

Balance is key to the success of a creative design idea. This simply means creating the right harmony between room colour and texture as well as the scale of your furniture (living room, dining or bedroom) and accessories. It’s important to get your decorating fundamentals right.

Tips on Achieving Balance in Your Decorating Ideas

The design experts at Carrocel are happy to share these decorating guidelines to help you out.

  • Start with the focal point: Stand back and observe where your eye will go as you enter the room. It could be a large wall, the fireplace or a huge picture window. This is the focal point around which you can start to build your design ideas. Note that a large room can have more than one, for example, a fireplace and large wall or window in which case you might have to create two distinct sections.
  • Less is more: A Milo Baughman Style Three Seat Sofa and artwork against that huge wall or a Custom Made Regency Style Gold Leaf Mahogany Mirror above the fireplace could do the trick. Don’t clutter the space. You don’t need to have display pieces or accessories in every little nook.
    Custom Made Regency Style Gold Leaf Mahogany Mirror
  • Vary the heights of your living room furniture: Place short and tall pieces side by side to break the monotony. Try placing a Vintage Rosewood Cabinet next to a low-backed sofa.Vintage Rosewood Cabinet
  • Balance heavy and light: Think of the room like a see-saw. You can’t have it appear too heavy on one side. Balance a tall or heavy piece of furniture with something of similar dimensions on the other side.
  • Blend colour, don’t match it: You can still follow the “80% main colour, 20% accent colour” rule without making your décor look flat. A Large patterned Pair of Louis XV Walnut Fauteuils for the living room is one easy way to add a pop of brightness and texture. If you want to play safe, use different hues of the same colour but move it around the room.Pair of Louis XV Walnut Fauteuils
  • Choose a combination of modern and vintage furniture: For instance, a Pair of Ebonized Louvered Door Cabinets in your dining room, balanced with a highly polished table with antique chairs or a buffet. Or make an impression with vintage accent chairs such as a Pair of Original Milo Baughman Swivel Barrel Chairs for Thayer Coggin in your modern living room.
  • Vary the textures of your accessories: Textured elements like wall hangings, area rugs and cushions can add colour and warmth to a neutral wall or even furniture. Vary light and heavy textures.
    Pair of Ebonized Louvered Door CabinetsPair of Original Milo Baughman Swivel Barrel Chairs for Thayer Coggin

Having a single tone can make a room look dull and boring as well as unimaginative. This doesn’t mean creating a chaotic room full of mismatched pieces. Aim for a balance of modern and vintage designs, warm and cold textures as well as bright colours and neutrals. It’s really not complicated! We have a showroom full of decorating ideas to show you how easily it can be done.

Carrocel’s Fine Furniture Can Bring Your Design Ideas to Life

Carrocel Furniture Store ShowroomExperience a fine collection of one-of-a-kind living and dining room furniture at the Carrocel showroom in Toronto. We have pieces from all around the world to bring your designs to life. Our experienced staff will be happy to show you around as well as discuss your decorating ideas. Our wide range appeals to the most diverse tastes and we offer many options to personalize upholstery and finish. Since our displays are periodically refreshed with modern and vintage items, do visit us more than once!

To see our living and dining room furniture collection, please visit our furniture showroom. Call us at 416-999-2525 for more information.

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