How to Arrange Your Living Room in 2016

Design Ideas from the Experts

Carrocel Living Room FurniturePlanning to buy new living room furniture this year? Consider the layout and function of your space before you make a selection. Being one of the most used rooms in your home can make it a decorating challenge. Come to our showroom for exciting living room design ideas. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to show you around the store and you can also take inspiration from unique displays.

Important Elements of Living Room Design

The living room is typically, the room all visitors to your home will take note of; and you want them to be impressed. Not sure where to start with decorating this space? The design experts at Carrocel offer valuable tips to help you.

  • Carrocel Living Room DesignFlow: Observe the traffic patterns in your living room. Does the layout and furniture arrangement allow easy movement from one space to the other? Traffic flow is a critical element of room design. Ensure that there is enough space for people to walk around the living room furniture as well as through the room. Often this means selecting sofas, coffee tables, display cabinets, etc. that are appropriately sized.
  • Function: Think about the different activities that take place here. Is this a formal room where you entertain? How often do you have visitors? Does the family gather here to watch TV or play board games? Is it a space where you sit and relax after a busy day or on the weekend? Try to focus on how the room is being used daily when planning your design and selecting suitable furniture. For example, you will need stylish but comfortable couches and nice coffee or end tables if you watch TV here. On the other hand, if you use the room for formal gatherings, chic accent chairs can provide elegant extra seating while a stylish buffet helps accommodate all the food and serving items. Creating zones for the different activities can also help fulfill all your requirements.
  • Focal point: Do you have a fireplace or a large picture window? That could be the focal point of your room around which you will build your design. It anchors the room and furniture placement must work in conjunction with it. Your largest pieces should typically be placed perpendicular or in front of it rather than block it. If you must have a sofa against the window, select one that is low-backed and won’t spoil the view. This is also the area that the eye is automatically drawn to when one walks into the room. So think of the ‘wow’ factor and how you can make maximum impact.
  • Room colour: Wall colour impacts the look and feel of the room. Paint smaller rooms in softer, lighter colors to help make them feel larger. Choose calming colours to create a tranquil feeling. If you are determined to go bold and bright, try to limit it to an accent wall.

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Unique Living Room Furniture and Design Ideas

Carrocel Living Room Showroom DisplayVisit the Carrocel showroom in Toronto for high-quality standalone living room furniture or complete sets. For over 30 years, we have been helping homeowners in Toronto and around the world decorate with style. Our pieces deliver a unique blend of beauty, fine craftsmanship, functionality and long term durability. You will find our customer service is exceptional.

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