Simple Ways to Decorate with Accent Chairs

How to Incorporate them with Your Living Room and Bedroom Furniture

Here is a useful secret to unique, stylish décor: Make accent chairs an integral part of your living room and bedroom furniture! Our experts have explained the different styles and how to work with them below.

Types of Accent Seating for Your Living Room and Bedrooms

Accent chairs are available in many styles. Here’s a basic overview to help you find one that will complement your bedroom or living room furniture:

  • Comfortable club chairThe comfortable club chair: Perfect as a pair or even just one, this roomy chair with deep seats is perfect for a conversation area in your living room or to curl up with a book in your bedroom.
  • Convenient slipper chair The convenient slipper chair: This low chair is an excellent choice for a cozy room that is tight on space. Place it near the coffee table or pull it up to the dining table for extra seating. Slipper chairs are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture and can even be used to separate the dining and living areas in a single room.
  • Stylish occasional chairThe stylish occasional chair: Typically light and chic, this type of chair is a multi-functional piece of furniture that can be used throughout your home, including the living room, parlour or your home office.
  • Generous wingchairThe generous wingchair: The large size makes it the perfect accompaniment to a sofa and great alternative to a love seat. Place it near the fireplace in your bedroom or living room or be creative and use a pair as the head chairs at either ends of your dining table. Note that since these chairs are heavy, they cannot be moved around too much.

How to Decorate your Accent Chairs for Maximum Impact?

The colour, texture and pattern of your bedroom and living room furniture impact your décor in a big way. So choose the upholstery and finish of your accent chairs carefully. Here are some tips to help.

A beautiful living room with accent chairs

  • Go bold with pattern and colour, but make sure the background is neutral to avoid a chaotic and messy look.
  • For a classic look, stay neutral and accessorize with colourful art, a rug, throws or show pieces instead.
  • Experiment with shape. Make it that piece of art that will stand out anywhere in the room.
  • Give in to your wild side, just this once! Try an animal print or a bright fuchsia or red, but remember to stay neutral or monochromatic with the rest of the décor.
  • Try organic for a change. A log or bamboo chair might be exactly what you need. Green is in!
  • Be different: Round up your dining table with accent chairs (of the same style) with different coloured upholstery. Stick with colours that are close to each other on the colour wheel.

At Carrocel, we offer many upholstery options to suit your style.

Carrocel Offers the Finest Selection of Living Room and Bedroom Furniture

Visit the Carrocel showroom in Toronto for an exquisite selection of living room and bedroom furniture from around the world. Each piece in our collection of modern and vintage accent seating is chosen for its fine quality and unique style, and will make a beautiful addition to any room in your house. Should you need to customize upholstery and finish to a particular style, we are always happy to help. Our experienced staff will show you around, discuss your decorating ideas and help you make a selection.

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