Stay Trendy AND Responsible with Eco-Friendly Designer Furniture

Green Is In!

Modern designer furniture offers a smart blend of eco-friendly materials, innovative ideas and unique styles. However, if you are looking to find sustainable furniture, you should know that modern is not the only choice you have available. Many vintage pieces have been given modern styling and functionality so that they can be reused.

Being green is in and in a big way! Trends indicate that concerns about minimizing our carbon footprint will see more furniture buyers gravitating towards sustainable choices in 2016. Don’t assume that sustainable can’t be chic! The amazing displays at our fine furniture store speak for themselves.

How to Select Eco-Friendly Designer Furniture

  • Hand Crafted Eco Friendly Furniture Being MadeStyle your home with reclaimed wood: It’s not the worn out kind you may have imagined. Au contraire, think designer furniture made from exotic woods that have found their way to hip showrooms in the fashion capitals of the world! You must ensure though, that any sustainable or reclaimed furniture you purchase has certifications that can authenticate its claims. For instance, FSC-certified (Forest Stewardships Council) wood which states that the forest it was procured from allows the natural ecosystem to maintain itself.
  • Consider log furniture: If you like the minimalistic style or an Asian theme for your living room or bedroom décor, then pieces made from reclaimed logs are ideal. Imperfections in shape or colour add to their attractiveness and appeal. Give a piece a transparent finish that showcases the natural grain for maximum impact. From rustic bed frames, to sleek chairs and solid tables, these hardy items can grace every room, bringing your home in complete harmony with nature.
  • A decorated corner at Carrocel showroom with a selection of fine furniture for living roomBuy vintage to stay sustainable: If reclaimed wood is not your style, purchase designer vintage furniture instead.Pre-owned vintage items are not only green solutions, they are also a smart investment that will appreciate in value. At Carrocel, we have a wide selection of choices from all around the world to meet your needs.
  • Opt for practical, multi-functional items you can reuse: That way you can move them into different rooms to create a fresh look and style. Remember: less is more! You won’t have to buy new every time, or send items you’re not using to the landfill.
  • A before and after picture of a finished dining chairGive your vintage items a modern twist: Many of us have vintage furniture we no longer want because it doesn’t suit our new home décor or have the functionality we require. But that doesn’t mean you have to get rid of it! Why not convert that boring old bookcase into a bar or entertainment unit instead? Think about turning a vintage baby cradle into a beautiful ottoman. The possibilities are endless! You’ll be amazed at what the craftsmen at Carrocel can do for your furniture.

A before and after picture of a red leather finished arm chairEarthy colors, neutral colors, brown and green color shades are a perfect backdrop for green designs and furniture. To ensure the success of your eco-friendly décor, try not to go overboard with colour. Stick to complementary shades, while varying texture and patterns for interest and depth. Add plants or plant-inspired accessories to complete the look.

Vintage and Modern Selections at Carrocel’s Designer Furniture Store

Carrocel Home Decorating Color and Design optionsVisit the Carrocel showroom in Toronto for unique designer furniture and stylish decorating ideas. We believe that furniture is an extension of your personality and should express your style and taste. Our modern and vintage collections are continually refreshed with new items to keep up with demand. We also support sustainable practices including refinishing and restoring your vintage furniture to give it new life. Our experienced staff will be happy to show you around and help with your selection. Feel free to discuss your decorating ideas and what we can do with your vintage items.

To check out vintage or modern designer furniture, please visit our furniture showroom. Call us at 416-999-2525 for more information.

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