Mid Century Modern Furniture Décor and Style Ideas

There are countless social media posts that highlight mid century furniture. This style is still a big hit among interior design fanatics – and for a good reason. Mid century furniture is known to exude a classic and timeless look and feel of elegance and supreme craftsmanship. When paired with modern designs and furniture, it can give your room a trendy feel that exudes class and elegance. However, it is important to note that this ‘mix’ must be carefully executed. Otherwise, the mid century furniture will monopolize the room and, in some cases, make it seem dated. This article outlines several tips from seasoned experts on how you can seamlessly introduce mid century furniture décor and style into your space.

What Is Mid Century Design?

As the name suggests, the mid century design movement spanned from the mid-20th century between 1933 and 1965. The movement included architecture, interior, graphic and industrial design. Given the prevailing conditions, design was typically centred on the idea of function over form. The style values simplicity and elegance in looks and function, with a contrast between abstract design, natural shapes and organic materials. This gave rise to exquisite furniture and lighting pieces that are still highly coveted today.

What Are the Inspirations Behind Mid Century Design?

Early 20th century movements, including Bauhaus and international movements, gave rise to this style. However, it only took hold after World War II as a result of new wealth, materials and technologies. Urban migration, which meant smaller living spaces, also greatly influenced the designs.

What Are the Characteristics of Mid Century Design?

  • Simple forms
  • Emphasis on function
  • Organic influences
  • Democratic design (meant for everybody)

How Can You Tell If A Piece Is Mid Century?

There is no single definitive way to identify mid century furniture pieces. Although we know that mid century furniture functions well due to its superior craftsmanship and simplicity, that is not definitive. Therefore, you must combine that understanding with other clues such as peg legs or hardware or country of manufacture where pieces from Italy, Japan, Denmark, Yugoslavia, and the US are often authentic.

What’s the Best Way for A New Collector to Use Mid Century Furniture?

If it is your first time incorporating mid century furniture into your home, we recommend starting with whatever the room is lacking. If there is a missing piece you’ve been thinking of buying, opt for a mid century design that works with the space. Then, build the room piece by piece for a unique space. That said, if you are looking for a statement piece, those that come to mind include an armchair, credenza, or a lamp. You can also explore or experiment with mixing mid century items with pieces from other periods as their minimalism and cleanliness create a timeless look that can blend well with other home décor types. For an extra edge, look for pieces that tell their own story, be it of hearty family dinner parties or a calm Sunday afternoon coffee.

Should You Avoid Some Materials?

While some people are fixated on solid wood pieces, there is nothing wrong with purchasing a piece made with wood veneer. Vintage pieces made with veneer are some of the most sought-after pieces as they are made for function with matching inlay work and woods.

What Colours Work Well with Mid Century Furniture?

The palette for mid century furniture evolved from bright hues in the 50s to earthier tones in the 60s. As such, you have many different shades to choose from for both mid century pieces and other items you purchase to complement them.

How Do You Complete A Mid Century Inspired Space?

The key is accessorizing. To achieve a stylish finish, accessorize with things that you are passionate about and need. This can include items such as floor pillows, plants, rocks etc. When placing these in the room, be sure not to clutter the space. Also, try using furniture of different heights to break up the uniformity such as a candlestick holder or an arc lamp.

Why Choose Mid Century Modern Design

Although your reasons for choosing mid century items might be different, most appreciate how these pieces complement modern architecture, décor and other styles. By balancing classic mid century furniture with modern furnishings and décor, you can achieve an elegant, modern yet classic look and feel.

Why Design with Mid Century Modern Furniture?

Mid century modern furniture revolves around the idea of function over form. It is characterized by simplicity and versatility, clean lines, and minimalism. This makes it easy to incorporate into any space while also developing a stand-out yet timeless unique look and feel. A quality mid century piece can stand the test of time and retain its allure and relevance as trends change, your home evolves or your lifestyle and taste changes.

How to Get Started with Your Mid Century Makeover

To begin incorporating mid century furniture into your space, all you need is a functional anchor piece. While neutral upholstery and light wood, walnut and teak are signature accents for mid century furniture, you can decide to be bold and go for colourful fabric to switch things up. You can also pair it with modern art and patterned pillows for an instant updated look. The key to all of this is to let your style guide you. Social media channels such as Instagram and Pinterest are great places to find inspiration and spark your imagination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is mid century modern style furniture?

The phrase “mid century modern” broadly describes furniture, architecture, and graphic design from the mid-20th century – approximately between 1933 and 1965, although the timeframe is debatable. During this period, particularly after World War II, there was an increase in wealth and an interest in simple, elegant furniture design that has retained its popularity to date.

Q2. How do you identify mid century furniture?

Although there is no single identifier for mid century pieces, you can follow common characteristics like clean lines, classic shapes, and open sides as markers for mid century furniture. Also, if a piece has extraneous details or looks ornate, treat it with caution. The most common materials for mid century furniture are solid woods such as teak, beech, elm, and rosewood.

Q3. Why is mid century modern furniture so popular?

The aesthetic of mid century modern design is considered one of the classics. It is instantly recognizable, exudes timeless appeal, and its simplistic characteristics mean that it can be easily and seamlessly integrated with any other style. Although it is minimalistic in design, it is highly functional and versatile for both formal and informal settings. The clean lines, elaborate upholstery and superior craftsmanship render mid century modern pieces elegant and timeless.

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Adrian Pearsall Brutalist Table

  • Adrian Pearsall Brutalist TableImpressive thick glass top
  • Eye catching resin cast pedestal
  • Adrian Pearsall Brutalist Table

Mid Century Modern Demi Lune Desk

  • Mid Century Modern Demi Lune Desk Sturdy solid wood body
  • Stunning demi lune base and rectangular top
  • Mid Century Modern Demi Lune Desk

Unique Pair of Mid Century Modern Lounge Chairs

  • Unique Pair of Mid Century Modern Lounge ChairsSolid distressed wood frames
  • Luxurious beige linen fabric upholstery
  • Unique Pair of Mid Century Modern Lounge Chairs

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