18 Mid Century Modern Furniture Design Ideas for Your Bedroom

The mid-century modern style of design became popular in the middle of the 20th century and draws inspiration from architecture, furniture, and art from this time period. The look is characterized by simple lines, the use of natural materials, organic shapes, and muted colours. Mid-century modern furniture has a timeless quality, which is why it continues to be popular today. It features clean, linear lines and is often made of wood or metal.

One of the advantages of investing in mid-century modern furniture is that it’s easy to mix and match with other pieces while still creating a cohesive look, which is why it can be applied to any room in the house — including the bedroom. With that in mind, the following is a guide to finding the right mid-century modern furniture pieces for your bedroom.

Top 18 Ideas to Add Mid-Century Modern Furniture

If you like the general aesthetic of the mid-century modern style but don’t know where to start, the following are 18 different examples of how you can integrate mid-century modern furniture into your bedroom:

  • Bold Accent Wall: An accent wall is a great way to add a focal point to any bedroom and to inject a bit of mid-century modern style. Try painting the wall in a bold, monochromatic hue and adding a few pieces of mid-century modern furniture, like a sleek sideboard or an angular armchair. You could also go with a wallpaper featuring a bold graphic design to help set the tone for your mid-century modern-influenced space.
  • Try a Chaise Lounge in Your Bedroom: A chaise lounge is a type of chair with a long, curved shape that is perfect for relaxing in. It’s a classic mid-century modern piece, and it’s perfect for adding a touch of glamour to any room. Place one in your bedroom to create a cozy reading nook or a luxurious spot for lounging.
  • Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Done Right: If you’re looking to outfit your bedroom with mid-century modern furniture, the key is to keep it simple. Choose a few statement pieces, like a mid-century modern bed frame and nightstands, and then accessorize with a few complementary pieces to complete the look.
  • Natural Materials in the Mid-Century Modern Bedroom: Natural woods and materials, such as teak, rattan, and cork, are essential elements of the mid-century modern style. Incorporate these materials into your bedroom design with a mid-century modern headboard, nightstands, and dresser.
  • Eames Chair: Nothing screams mid-century modern more than an iconic Eames chair. This iconic piece of furniture has a timeless look that will never go out of style. When placed in your bedroom, it can create an inviting spot for reading or simply relaxing.
  • Platform Beds in the Mid-Century Modern Bedroom: If you’re looking for a more streamlined bedroom aesthetic, try investing in a platform bed. They come in many shapes and sizes, making them an excellent choice for any mid-century modern bedroom.
  • Retro Style Meets Mid-Century Modern: If you’re looking to add colour or patterns to your mid-century modern space, try pairing bright colours with retro fabrics. This combination of styles will create an interesting contrast and will add a touch of playfulness to your bedroom.
  • Hairpin Legs on Furniture: Hairpin legs are a staple of mid-century modern furniture design. They add sophistication to any piece and can instantly elevate the style of your bedroom space. Pick up a bedframe, a chair, or a bedroom bench with hairpin legs to add to your bedroom setup.
  • Blue as an Accent Colour in a Mid-century Modern Bedroom: Blue can be an excellent colour choice for adding a touch of contrast to a mid-century modern bedroom. Try pairing blue with other neutral hues, such as whites and grays, for a balanced look.
  • White Mid-Century Modern Bedroom: White has always been a popular hue for mid-century modern bedrooms. It adds brightness and airiness to any space, making it the perfect backdrop for mid-century modern furniture. Try pairing white walls with a few pieces of wooden furniture for a timeless look.
  • Mid-Century Modern Style: Mid-century modern furniture is characterized by its clean lines and minimalism. To recreate this look in your bedroom, try investing in a few pieces of low-profile furniture and accessorizing with a few geometric prints or bold colours. This timeless style is perfect for anyone looking to bring a bit of classic charm into their home.
  • Macrame in the Mid-Century Modern Bedroom: Macrame is a craft that involves knotting cords to create decorative patterns and textures. It was incredibly popular in the 1970s and has seen a resurgence in recent years. Try incorporating macrame into your mid-century modern bedroom with a few wall hangings or a stylish plant hanger.
  • Wood in the Mid-century Modern Bedroom: Wood is an essential element of the mid-century modern style. It adds warmth and texture to any space, making it a wonderful option for an accent wall or a bed frame. Try mixing different types of wood for an interesting look, or keep it simple with one type of wood throughout the space.
  • Houseplants in a Mid-Century Modern Bedroom: Houseplants add a natural element to your home. Choose plants that have interesting shapes and colours, such as snake plants or hoya plants, to add the outdoors into your mid-century modern bedroom. Adding houseplants helps to create a more relaxing space and can add visual balance to your room.
  • Built-In Bookcases in the Bedroom: Built-in bookcases can add storage to any mid-century modern bedroom due to their sleek and minimalist design. These stylish shelves can be used to store books, trinkets, and other odds and ends. They also make an excellent backdrop for displaying art or photographs. Incorporate them into your bedroom by installing built-in bookcases by a window or at the foot of the bed.
  • Colourful, Fun Mid-Century Modern Bedroom: Mid-century modern style doesn’t have to be serious and staid. You can still incorporate bold colours, playful prints, and eclectic touches into your bedroom. For a fun, whimsical look, try mixing bright colours with retro-inspired fabrics and accessories.
  • Feminine Mid-Century Modern Bedroom: Mid-modern bedrooms don’t have to be all about minimalism and neutrals. You can add a touch of femininity with floral prints, pastel colours, and soft furnishings. This combination of styles will create an inviting space that still has a mid-century modern feel.
  • Bright Accents in the Mid-Century Modern Bedroom: Mid-century modern style is all about simple lines and neutral colours. To add a bit of contrast, try adding a few bright accents to your bedroom. Artwork, pillows, and throws in bold hues can instantly transform any space into a stylish mid-century modern retreat.

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Restored Vintage Upholstered Chaise Lounge Daybed

  • Restored Vintage Upholstered Chaise Lounge DaybedOriginal mid-century design
  • Luxurious velvet with hand stitching detail
  • Restored Vintage Upholstered Chaise Lounge Daybed

Pair of Mid Century Globe Table Lamps

Mid-Century Modern Burled Walnut Column Pedestal Table

  • Mid-Century Modern Burled Walnut Column Pedestal TableRestored in a walnut colour tone with a high gloss lacquered finish
  • Gorgeous burl wood grain details
  • Mid-Century Modern Burled Walnut Column Pedestal Table

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