How to Style Your Home with Mid Century Modern Furniture

If you have been looking to furnish your home, you have likely come across mid-century modern designs. This iconic style continues to make waves throughout the interior design world across social media platforms, magazines, and blogs. Many people are drawn to the sleek and timeless appeal of mid-century modern furniture and décor.

Although incorporating mid-century furniture and decor into your home can seem intimidating at first, it doesn’t have to be. Mid-century modern design can work in any home, which explains why it is still highly popular many decades after its inception. Below are some easy and unique ways to start adding mid-century modern furniture and decor into your home.

What Is Mid-Century Modern Furniture?

Mid-century design marks an artistic and architectural era that spanned from the 1930s to the 1960s. The shift towards modernism was a reaction to the overly formal and ornate trends of the 1800s. After World War I, the need for affordable practicality and the newfound international influences from regions such as Scandinavia further propelled modern design. This unique mix became one of the popular styles of the era and was coined ‘mid-century modern’ by writer Cara Greenberg.

Today, mid-century modern interiors still abide by the ‘form follows function’ principle. As a result, mid-century modern creations take up little space, and there is nothing unnecessary in their design. The most used materials are wood and plastic for furniture design. Architects of the style relied on reinforced concrete and steel, which was revolutionary at the time.

8 Tips to Style Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Match Your Personality

Your choice of interior design style should be a reflection of your lifestyle and personality. Sticking to your preferences allows you to choose items which will help you create a home you love. This practice will also give you the confidence to explore your style. Fortunately, mid-century modern design adapts well to different personalities and preferences. The furniture can fit well even in the smallest rooms, while its durability and practicality make it perfect for families.

Look for Pieces That You Don’t Have

If you’re just beginning to explore the mid-century modern furniture world, we recommend starting by looking for pieces that your room doesn’t have yet. If you need a coffee table, look for a mid-century item that seamlessly integrates with your current space. This approach of building piece by piece will slowly ease you into the new style, so you don’t feel overwhelmed while also allowing you to create a unique space. If you’re starting from a blank slate, a few must-have pieces include armchairs, credenzas, side lamps, and couches. Additionally, don’t be afraid to combine your new mid-century furniture with elements from another style or era.

Make Wood A Priority

When choosing mid-century modern furniture for your home, let wood take center stage. The iconic pieces that made this style what it is today used walnut, teak, oak and rosewood materials. If you cannot find fully wooden items, there are several ways to incorporate these design elements, including those that use veneer wood.

Pay Attention to Details

When it comes to mid-century modern furniture, it’s all in the details. Most standout interior designers use items that tell a story and make the space unique. This could be as simple as incorporating furniture of different heights, which creates balance in the space and helps keep the room from appearing too uniform. Say you have a low couch and a low dining table. Adding a few taller items will provide the visual contrast to balance the space.

Add an Artisan Touch

In addition to mixing and matching furniture for a creative blend that aligns with your personality and style preferences, try incorporating an artisan touch. Many designers have a keen interest in pieces that feature natural elements, handcrafted elements, and vintage-inspired style. When paired with wood, leather and other natural components, these items work exceptionally well.

Do Your Lights Right

Lights and light fixtures are not only functional items but are also pieces of sculptural art. Most iconic mid-century modern homes have dazzling modern light fixtures hanging from the ceilings or lighting up sleek side tables. Look around for architectural lights that grab attention, and don’t be afraid to go bold.

Include A Bar

A bar is an excellent way to call back to the 50s. Most people prefer the convenience of a bar cart as it can be wheeled from room to room for parties and entertaining and makes for a great accessory and conversation piece in a mid-century modern home.

Add A Mirror

Mirrors are the perfect design accessory regardless of the décor. If placed properly, mirrors add a light, airy feeling to any room in your home. They can make a space look bigger by reflecting light or highlighting beautiful features of the home, such as a backyard landscape. A sunburst mirror is an icon of this era and is simply a must-have accessory for any mid-century modern home.

Our Selection Includes the Best Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Mid-century modern furniture and décor continue to be popular. The classic shapes and timeless designs easily blend with other styles to create a comforting and appealing space. Incorporating mid-century modern furniture into your home is a simple and effective way to give it new life or make the home appear more upscale.

At Carrocel, we have an extensive collection of mid-century modern pieces that reflect your style and compliment the décor in your home. Browse through our online catalogue or visit our furniture showroom near Yorkdale Mall, where our design and furniture experts will guide you in finding the perfect mid-century modern pieces to incorporate into your space.

Mid-Century Modern Black Leather Office Chair with Stool by Adrian Pearsall

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  • Mid-Century Modern Black Leather Office Chair with Stool by Adrian Pearsall

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Mid-Century Modern Inspired Walnut End Table Chest

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