Influences on the Cost of Furniture

Influences on the Cost of FurnitureWhen it comes to purchasing furniture, you may often wonder why similar looking pieces can vary in price from one location to another, or why items can be sold for such a low price at some locations. There are many different factors that influence the price of furniture and being aware of them can help you make more informed decisions.

What Materials Were Used

Solid wood piecesThe quality of the fabric, wood, and more have a direct influence on the cost of your furniture. If the cost of the build material is more expensive, then it follows suit that the overall piece of furniture would cost more as well. The durability also plays into the cost. Solid wood pieces will be more expensive than an item that is made of plywood.

Influences on the Cost of FurnitureItems that are more difficult to obtain or have a more expensive process to go through before they are ready to be used will increase the cost of the furniture when it’s completed. If you are building a custom piece, be sure to understand the type of materials that you need so you can make a smart and cost-effective selection.

Build Quality

influence how much it costsHow well a piece of furniture is built will also influence how much it costs. Good quality materials don’t necessarily mean that an item will be built well either. Durability and sturdiness will often mean a piece of furniture will last longer, and mean you have more time before needing to replace it if ever you need to. Custom-made furniture is likely where you will find the best results in terms of build quality.

Mass Production

Products that are produced in bulk, most often chairs, tables, and bed frames, are often a lower price since most of the work is done by machines and the material is a lower quality. It is often very generic and doesn’t show much personality and may not meet your specifications well. For example, if you required a dining table that you could expand to fit 8 people for when you have guests over, you may require a custom piece as most mass-produced items typically have room for 6 people. A custom piece will meet your exact needs and can also have elements of your style included.

Design Sophistication

Simple and basic pieces cost less than those with more functionality or intricate design work. This includes carvings, paint work, or the shape of piece itself. The finish of an item also influences the final price.

Labour Costs

After everything else has been determined, some portion of the labour cost is often added to the price of your final piece. For mass-produced items, only a small fraction of the cost, if any, may be added to the price, while custom furniture often has a higher ratio of cost for labour included in it’s price to the consumer given the vendors expertise, time, and skill level.

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