Many Factors Can Influence the Purchase of a New Dining Room Table

Carrocel Dining Room TableBy the simplest of definitions, a dining table is so-named to reflect its function and location; it is a fundamental piece of furniture used for enjoying meals, i.e. for dining, in that specific room of the home. This same rationale likely explains the basic difference between a dining room table and a kitchen table.

But a dining room table can be – and should be – so much more than merely a surface or a resting place for tableware, centerpieces, and candlestick holders. In fact, the dining table should be the showpiece of the entire dining room furniture set, as it is typically the largest piece in the room and the one to which all eyes naturally gravitate when families and guests first enter. Therefore, should it not be much more than merely a place to sit and eat?

There are many factors that can and should influence the selection and purchase of a new dining table; these would include:

Personal Style

  • Modern – minimalist designs; made of multiple materials
  • Traditional – more formal; with darker woods, ornate legs
  • Country/Rustic – an unfinished look; more for everyday use

Table Design

  • Round – good fit in small spaces; no sharp corners to walk around
  • Square – more intimate dining; all guests are equal distances apart
  • Oval – to accommodate more guests in small spaces vs round tables
  • Rectangular – require larger floor space and a similarly-shaped room
  • Hexagonal/Octagonal – alternatives to square tables in square rooms
  • Pedestal Base – may provide more seating/comfort vs tables with legs

Table Construction

  • Solid Wood – a classic style with rich finishes; durable and long-lasting
  • Glass Tops – contemporary choice; with stainless steel or chrome finish
  • Distressed Wood – for casual settings; seating could also be bench-style
  • Veneer – more affordable than solid wood; surfaces might blister or peel
  • Painted Wood – a casual cottage-type look to match contemporary decor

Table Size – will be dependent upon:

  • Room size and shape
  • Available space for traffic flow
  • Available space to push chairs back
  • Minimum/maximum number of guests
  • Size and number of other dining set pieces

In many respects, the process of purchasing a dining room table should be similar to that of buying a new car; size, style, colour, comfort, and appearance are the factors that many car shoppers consider before making a final decision, so it stands to reason that these factors should also be deliberated before investing in a new dining table or a complete dining set.

Carrocel Dining Room DisplayFor help with the decision-making process on their new dining table/dining room furniture, homeowners may want to visit the Carrocel fine furniture showroom, located near Yorkdale Mall in Toronto; here, they can speak with a Carrocel fine furniture expert who will be able to suggest and present dining tables or complete set options that will best fit the needs and personal style of their family.

For a preview of the dining tables currently available from Carrocel fine furniture, please see our Dining Room Tables page.

Visit Our Showroom to Compare and Contrast a Superb Selection of Dining Tables

A visit to Carrocel’s 20,000 square-foot showroom on Bridgeland Avenue in central Toronto will provide homeowners with an opportunity to appreciate the fine quality and construction of numerous dining tables and dining room sets. The Carrocel showroom also presents the forum to discuss specific dining room furniture choices based on family needs and personal preferences, as well as the means to assess the physical size and shape of various tables in relation to the dimensions/area of the family dining room.

And for discriminating homeowners who want to add an element of uniqueness to their new dining room set, Carrocel offers a superb selection of one-of-a-kind dining tables, as seen in these examples:

St. Germain Dining Table in BlackVintage Hollywood Regency Black Lacquer Dining Table with Mirrored X-BaseDistressed Black Scroll Leg Dining Table

To find the ideal dining table for your home and family needs, Call the fine furniture experts at Carrocel today at 416-999-2525 or Contact us for a complimentary consultation. You also have an open invitation to visit our 20,000 square-foot showroom, at 245 Bridgeland Avenue in Toronto, to compare and contrast our selection of fine dining tables and dining room furniture sets.

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