All New Dining Room Chairs and Tables Just in Time for Your Family Holiday Feast

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Unique Pieces from Our Modern Furniture Store Chic dining tables and chairs are a worthwhile investment. Make a stylish and comfortable choice; it’s not every day that you buy dining room furniture. Come see the huge selection at our modern furniture store. We can help you make every meal and gathering a memorable experience. Enjoy the first of many family feasts with stylish pieces from Carrocel. How to Select Dining Tables Style: Personalize your dining room with your unique style. If you opt for the warm, traditional look, then solid wood is the ideal choice. Carrocel’s Custom Duncan Phyfe American Mahogany Banded Dining Table is versatile and will suit any kind of décor. Available in a custom finish of your ...

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Add a Beautiful Coffee or End Table to Your Living Room Furniture

December 17, 2015 BY Carrocel Interiors | 1 Comment on Add a Beautiful Coffee or End Table to Your Living Room Furniture

Come See Our Living Room Décor and Storage Ideas When selecting living room furniture, consider a beautiful coffee or end table too. Function aside, they will anchor your décor and showcase your style. Come to our showroom and see an amazing array of stunning living room décor ideas that incorporate unique coffee and end tables. Here are a few important points to keep in mind while selecting your tables. How do you intend to use the table? Is it purely for function, extra living room storage or would you like to show off your artsy side as well? What is the right size? This is typically determined by your other living room furniture like your sofa and accent chairs. Ideally, ...

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Luxury Furniture to Make Your Home Stand Out

October 17, 2015 BY Carrocel Interiors | 6 Comments on Luxury Furniture to Make Your Home Stand Out

Decorating Ideas with Display Furniture The beauty of luxury furniture is that even a single piece can completely transform the look and feel of a room. It’s true! Come see our showroom displays for ideas and one-of-a-kind pieces. Our experienced staff will be happy to help you out. When looking for new decorating ideas, here’s a small piece of advice that could save you time and money. Find display furniture e.g. luxury cabinets, that will become the focal point of your design. Then rearrange some of the existing items and accessories around it. You will be amazed at the difference it will make. The Carrocel store in Toronto has luxury furniture from around the world for you to choose from. ...

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Add Character To Your Home With A Timeless, 50s Style Dorothy Draper Chest

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Timeless furniture pieces outlive the style and design of your home. While there are some pieces you may want to keep “trendy”, such as accessories, big furniture items in a classic style will save you the headaches and cost of constantly updating your home. Dorothy Draper chests are one of those pieces. Designed in the 1950s, this iconic piece of furniture can add true character to your home and it will never go out of style. What Is A Dorothy Draper Chest? Known as the Espana Bunching Chest, this piece of furniture was designed in the 50s by Dorothy Draper. The piece is known for a sleek, modern and glamorous finish. The original piece featured a Cherry frame, gold-leafed designs, ...

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The Furniture Buying Experience At Carrocel

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Now in Toronto located close to Yorkdale Mall. This impressive showroom will captivate you with its unique selection of high-end original and custom furniture, all on full display, and all available for immediate purchase. This showroom and the items on display encompass a diverse collection that has been specifically curated from around the world to […]

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Antique Dining Sets Bring Grandeur To Your Home

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Your dining room is a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. It is the place where you gather with family and friends. You can add elegance to your dining room with antique dining sets. Besides being stylish and attractive, black leather dining chairs are excellent for balancing tones around your dining room. The ease of maintenance and stain hiding abilities of dark leather also makes it an attractive choice. Although quality antique dining sets can be expensive, with regular maintenance and the right products, you can enjoy your investment for years to come. Follow these useful tips to protect and care for your black leather dining chairs with minimum effort: Know your leather: Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions. Your retailer may ...

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Antique Desks Tell Great Stories

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Remember the old-time movies where powerful men and women sat behind ornate or antique desks? Many a classic was written on one of those, with an oil lamp and the end of a feather dipped into ink. As the desk has evolved over the years, different styles, features, etc. have come into being. From the secretary style to a partner’s desk to a library table, each of these antiques has its unique characteristics. If you are visiting antique stores to find a stylish, antique desk, you’ll find that there are many different types to choose from. The Types Of Antique Desks You Will Find At Antique Stores Some of the more common antique desks you can shop for at Carrocel fine ...

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Visiting Antique Stores In Toronto? Plan The Perfect Shopping Trip

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  It does not matter if you are a collector or you are just looking for antiques to spruce up your space, antique shopping takes a little more prep work than your average trip to the mall. It is easy to find deals at some local antique stores in Toronto, and those deals can be hard to pass up. This means you need to take a little time before your antique adventure so that you can walk away with exactly what you want, and no regrets. Make A List Of The Types Of Antiques You Want Make a list of what you are looking for. Perhaps you want to find an armoire or you are looking for an antique platter ...

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Carrocel At Home

March 1, 2013 BY Carrocel Interiors | Leave a response

Have you ever wondered what a great antique or custom piece from Carrocel furniture store would look like in your home? These are just a few highlights from the Carrocel At Home section of our website, which we have recently updated to show off some of our latest work. ...

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Art Deco Shipment From France Just In!

October 15, 2010 BY Carrocel Interiors | Leave a response

Big news...Art Deco shipment from France has arrived! We have dozens and dozens of beautiful antique Deco pieces.  We have custom fine dining tables, sideboards, end tables, armoires, living room chairs, sofas, commodes, you name it! Check it out. ...

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