Antique Desks Tell Great Stories

antique desks

Remember the old-time movies where powerful men and women sat behind ornate or antique desks? Many a classic was written on one of those, with an oil lamp and the end of a feather dipped into ink.

As the desk has evolved over the years, different styles, features, etc. have come into being. From the secretary style to a partner’s desk to a library table, each of these antiques has its unique characteristics. If you are visiting antique stores to find a stylish, antique desk, you’ll find that there are many different types to choose from.

The Types Of Antique Desks You Will Find At Antique Stores

Some of the more common antique desks you can shop for at Carrocel fine furniture stores include:

  • Secretary – This is a well-known style that has a drop-down writing surface. The desk’s partition is slanted backward, and opens on a hinge. Traditionally, these were kept in living spaces of the home, concealing any work that was inside them. Most secretary desks have drawers or a small cubby hole also hidden within.
  • Roll Top – Roll top desks are one of the more popular antique desks, which makes them difficult to find. This type features a flat desk with a rolling, rounded door that slides up and down to reveal the work surface. You will usually find drawers under the top of the desk.
  • Writing Desk – Also referred to as a bureau, this compact desk was used to write letters by hand. The top closes to conceal the work, usually using a folding hinge, and the inside features small cubby holes.
  • Executive Writing Desk – These desks are elegant, larger in size, and feature a set of drawers on each side as well as a center drawer. The desk has a large, flat surface that can be used for writing and does not close up to conceal the top.
  • Flat Desk – Also known as the partner’s desk, this is a large enough workspace to seat two comfortably. The desk is quite heavy and fancier than a secretary desk, which means it is also more valuable.
  • Kneehole Desk – This type of antique desk features a flat surface that is resting on two columns of drawers and has just enough space in between for your knees (hence its name). While there are numerous drawers on each side, they are often compact and offer storage for only smaller items.
  • Library Table – This type of desk is not necessarily a writing surface, but more of a flat table top consisting of four legs and no drawers or storage. You will find these in antique stores, but they are often used for decorating a foyer rather than using them in a workspace.

Carrocel furniture store has a large variety of antique desks to choose from. We can even help you restore an antique desk you may have purchased from another dealer.

Stop by our showroom and see all of the fine antique desks we have to offer. Visit or call us today at 416-999-2525.

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