Visiting Antique Stores In Toronto? Plan The Perfect Shopping Trip


Vintage Armoire

It does not matter if you are a collector or you are just looking for antiques to spruce up your space, antique shopping takes a little more prep work than your average trip to the mall. It is easy to find deals at some local antique stores in Toronto, and those deals can be hard to pass up. This means you need to take a little time before your antique adventure so that you can walk away with exactly what you want, and no regrets.

Make A List Of The Types Of Antiques You Want

Make a list of what you are looking for. Perhaps you want to find an armoire or you are looking for an antique platter to complete your dining set. Because antique dealers carry such a variety of merchandise, it is easy to forget why you were shopping in the first place. While you are making your list, do some research. Compare the rates for some of those antique items—that way you can ensure you are not paying too much when you make the purchase.

Research Antique Stores In Toronto

Decide on the antique stores you want to visit. Plan out a route that makes sense; preferably one that does not require you to drive back and forth. Antiques are delicate, so the less driving they have to endure, the better. If you can, start at the antique store furthest from your home and work your way back toward home.

Decide How You Will Pay For Your Antiques

Set a price limit on how much you will spend on antiques. Do not assume that by paying cash, all antique dealers will give you a break. But, by setting a budget you can help prevent yourself from breaking the bank. Also, while you are out on your antique excursion, do not buy the first item you find. Antiques do not disappear from the shelves very fast, so go explore other stores and then work your way back to that first item—if nothing else captures your attention by then.

Think About Transportation

You have already planned a route so that your antiques do not endure more of a car ride than necessary, but what steps have you taken so that they will reach your destination without damage? You need ample trunk or cargo space. Also, bring along packing materials, like moving blankets, newspaper, bubble wrap and cushions to keep your antiques safe through the bumps.

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