Antique Dining Sets Bring Grandeur To Your Home

black patterned wooden accent chairs

Your dining room is a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. It is the place where you gather with family and friends. You can add elegance to your dining room with antique dining sets. Besides being stylish and attractive, black leather dining chairs are excellent for balancing tones around your dining room. The ease of maintenance and stain hiding abilities of dark leather also makes it an attractive choice.

Although quality antique dining sets can be expensive, with regular maintenance and the right products, you can enjoy your investment for years to come. Follow these useful tips to protect and care for your black leather dining chairs with minimum effort:

  • Know your leather: Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions. Your retailer may also have supplied you with leather care products that are appropriate for your dark leather furniture.
  • Regular, preventive maintenance is key: All chair seats are subject to food crumbs, spills and even damage from perspiration. Dust and vacuum them regularly to prevent dirt from accumulating. Use a hand-held vacuum or soft brush to gently dislodge dust and food crumbs from the seat and seams. Then wipe the chairs all over using a soft, lint-free cloth.
  • Deal with spills immediately: Spills will happen and when they do, wipe quickly with soft absorbent sponges or paper towels. For sticky food spills such as chocolate or soda, use a mild, all-natural soap that does not contain harsh chemicals. Carefully wipe with a damp (not wet) cloth and then dry off with absorbent towels. Remember to test the cleaning products in an obscure area before you spot clean to see if it affects the color of your black leather dining chairs.
  • Don’t let stains set in: Clean leather chair seats occasionally with a leather specific cleaner to eliminate mild stains before they set in. Most leather cleaners are simply sprayed or wiped on. No products should be applied without first conducting a spot test. Also, remember that greasy or oily stains may need professional attention.
  • Condition leather seats to keep them supple: Over time, leather can lose its natural oils and moisture, becoming prone to cracks. Condition your beautiful antique leather chairs once or twice a year to keep leather supple and protected. A natural, wax-based leather conditioner devoid of silicone or alcohol is best for dark leather. Ensure that the leather is totally clean before you condition.
  • When in doubt, leave it to the experts: If you are unsure about the type of spill or stain on your leather chairs, call for professional help. Our experts at Carrocel furniture store may be able to remove the stains or advise you on how to treat a particular stain.

Stop by the Carrocel furniture store’s showroom to be inspired by our collection of beautiful antique dining chairs and antique dining sets. Visit or call us today at 416-999-2525.

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