Advice on Designing Custom Furniture for Your Home

Why Custom-Design Furniture Could Be the Ideal Solution for Your Toronto Home

Advice on Designing Custom Furniture for Your HomeWhether you are preparing to move into a new home or to refresh all or part of your current residence, you likely have a vision of how you want the various rooms to look after they are furnished and decorated. In many cases, this could mean that your existing furniture does not fit within your plans and ideas, as it may no longer be the right style, colour, and/or size for its new surroundings; furthermore, a shopping trip (or two) might be in the offing as you search for the ideal furniture pieces to complement your new space or decorating scheme.

Advice on Designing Custom Furniture for Your HomeAnd, as you have undoubtedly been on a furniture shopping excursion at least once in your lifetime, little prompting would be required to remind you of the feelings of frustration and exasperation that such outings can generate; many furniture shoppers have headed home unsatisfied after long days spent visiting furniture stores across Toronto, later expressing to family members and friends that every outlet seemed to carry the same inventory and that none had furniture that met their specific needs.

Advice on Designing Custom Furniture for Your HomeTherefore, to pre-empt such feelings and to ensure that you get the perfect piece or set that you envisioned for your home, it may be worthwhile to consider the option of custom-made furniture. But before you dismiss the idea of custom-design furniture, perhaps on the basis of cost and/or time needed for manufacturing and delivery, take a moment to consider the advantages of going this route; these include:

  • You get to create uniquely-designed pieces
  • You are guaranteed a precise fit for the space
  • You can be confident of high-quality workmanship
  • You can pick all your materials, colours, and finishes
  • Your long-term investment value/return will be greater

With these benefits firmly in mind, you are ready to consult with the skilled professionals at Carrocel fine furniture, located at 245 Bridgeland Avenue near the Yorkdale Mall, about the design and construction of your soon-to-be custom-built furniture. When collaborating with our experienced designers and artisans, here are some of the important factors to consider in relation to the custom furniture design process:

  • Size – what are the exact dimensions and shape of the room/space?  And what are the measurements of your existing furniture relative to the floor area?  For example, if your desire is to have a custom-made dining table, use the size and shape of your current table to create an image of how the new table should look to provide appeal and balance
  • Style – do your tastes lean toward classic, retro (mid-century modern), or modern era?  Based on your preference, our designers will be able to customize the underlying frame or shape of the pieces which, although it may not be visible when they are built (as with a sofa and chair for example), will give the furniture its structural strength and character
  • Feel and Function – with the framework/foundation now in place, the next step will be to choose the type of wood and custom upholstery in terms of colour and, as applicable, fabric and pattern/design. Deciding factors will depend on the answers to such questions as how the furniture will be used (functional or ornamental), how often (daily or special occasions), by whom (adults or children), and by how many people at any given time?
  • Finishing Touches – this is where you can truly show your personal style, through your choice of wood finish, hardware, and even the shape of the furniture arms and legs; and remember to include accent pieces such as lighting, throw pillows, area rugs, and more

Though the initial costs may be higher for custom-built dining room tables or custom-made wood-and-fabric furniture versus the purchase of non-custom inventory, furniture designed and constructed by our artisans in the Carrocel furniture store in Toronto may indeed be the ideal solution for your home.

Custom-Designed and Original Furniture Pieces to Complement Your Current Décor

In some cases, you may not be in the market for custom-made furniture for a specific room or space in your home, but you might be captivated by a unique or one-of-a-kind custom piece that complements the current furniture and décor of your home.  To appeal to these interests, Carrocel offers an inspiring collection of custom and original furniture available for sale in our Toronto showroom.

The inventory displayed on our 20,000 square-foot showroom floor includes a striking array of custom-designed and original furniture, such as (but not limited to):

  • Dining room tables and chairs
  • Sofas, chairs, and accent tables
  • Sideboards, buffets, nesting tables
  • Armoires, vanities, dressers, chests

Previews and product information on the collection of custom furniture currently available in our Toronto store is available by visiting our furniture product catalogue page.

For additional information on the custom-design furniture services provided by our capable designers and artisans, visit our showroom in Toronto.

Looking for the perfect furniture to complement a specific room or rooms in your home?  Custom-build furniture by our Carrocel artisans may be the solution.  Call the specialists at Carrocel the furniture store in Toronto today at 416-999-2525 or contact us to request a complimentary consultation on our custom furniture services.

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