Create a Luxurious Home Interior with Custom-Built Furniture

Custom Furniture Presents an Ideal Solution for Adding Luxury to a Home Interior

Custom Modern Geometric Pedestals Glass Top Dining TableThere are probably many homeowners, perhaps including yourself, who will outwardly admit that they like the furniture in their home yet, in reality, would prefer more luxurious pieces. Depending on the circumstances, this conflicted view can be the result of a buying decision made in haste, on the basis of price, and/or to suit a previous space/home or interior décor.

Custom Walnut Paneled HeadboardRegardless of the reason behind such a situation, you may feel that your current furniture is serviceable (good enough) in terms of functionality; it might not be the most comfortable sofa you have ever owned or the most stylish bedroom furniture to suit your tastes, but it works so to speak, thus it remains in your Toronto home despite any wishes to the contrary.

Custom Floating Top Mid Century Executive DeskAdditionally, the frustration that you undoubtedly felt, and likely continue to feel, after that earlier furniture buying experience makes it improbable that you would want to relive that ordeal again; why invest the time and effort to purchase new furniture if it will likely leave you feeling less than completely satisfied once more?

Custom-built furnitureIf any or all of the above resonates with the current furniture situation in your home, the solution might lie with custom furniture created and constructed by the skilled professionals from Carrocel fine furniture. Custom-built furniture can add luxury and style to your home and its décor while simultaneously ensuring the levels of functionality, warmth, and comfort that you want (need) for yourself and your family.

And before you dismiss this alternative too quickly on the presumption that custom furniture might be a bit too expensive, take a moment to reflect on the many advantages available to you that are typically not presented by mass-produced furniture; these benefits include:

  • Ability to select the wood, metal, fabric, finish, hardware
  • The capacity to individualize the size/shape of each piece
  • The practicality of working within a pre-determined budget
  • Higher return on investment – quality workmanship; durability
  • The option to replicate original designs/styles from previous eras
  • The capability to accommodate specific individual or family needs
  • The creation of one-of-a-kind pieces – true signs of a luxury interior

When you take all of the above into consideration, it should be apparent that choosing the route of custom-built furniture provides complete control over the process of upgrading your home décor to have a more luxurious look and appeal; yes, you might spend a little more at the outset but you will get substantially more in return, both immediately and long-term.

Thus, it might be beneficial to consult and collaborate with our skilled designers and artisans at Carrocel fine furniture, located at 245 Bridgeland Avenue near Yorkdale Mall, to create and construct the ideal piece or suite of custom furniture that will address and satisfy your specific furniture needs and personal tastes.

Creating Custom Furniture to Precise Specifications and to Suit Modern-Day Needs

dining room suiteWhether you are looking for a dining room suite that will accommodate your entertainment needs, bedroom furniture that offers warmth and comfort at day’s end, or a luxurious sofa and chair set that will be the envy of your Toronto neighbourhood, the Carrocel designers and artisans can create custom pieces to your precise specifications rather than having to settle for furniture that might be considered good enough but is definitely not ideal.

Working with our Carrocel team, you will have the opportunity to discuss and determine the ultimate look and feel of your custom furniture by approving every aspect of its design and production; your influences on the final product can/will include:

  • Overall style
  • Size and shape
  • Wood – type/quality
  • Finish – type and colour
  • Fabric – type and colour
  • Style/detail of any hardware

Create a Luxurious Home Interior with Custom-Built FurnitureAnother option that should not be overlooked is the ability of our Carrocel artisans to create custom or one-of-a-kind pieces through the modification of any existing furniture; with a bit of ingenuity, in conjunction with their considerable skill, these professionals can customize a vintage or little-used piece into one that serves more modern-day functions/purposes such as a media centre, bar unit, or computer desk.

For more information on the custom furniture services provided by our skilled designers and artisans at Carrocel, go to our custom designed furniture page.

Interested in enriching the look and luxury of your home interior?  Custom-built furniture by the skilled artisans at Carrocel Fine Furniture may be the solution.  Call Carrocel today at 416-999-2525 or contact us to arrange your complimentary consultation on our custom furniture services.

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