12 Ways to Incorporate Vintage Furniture into Your Bedroom

Design and décor trends are constantly changing. What is popular and trendy today might seem out of place in just a couple of months. However, vintage furniture and inspiration will never go out of style. There is something about the vintage flair that brings unparalleled charm while exuding more personality and character than new pieces. This helps to make spaces feel grounded, warm, and welcoming.

As your sanctuary, the bedroom is a great place to spruce up by incorporating vintage designer furniture and décor. Below are some ideas on incorporating your finds into your bedroom.

12 Ways to Use Vintage Furniture in Bedroom

Add an Armoire

Besides providing extra storage, an armoire also takes you back to an era when such beautiful pieces were common in bedrooms. If you can find a vintage armoire, placing it in your bedroom furniture will provide an elegant result.

Hang Antique Wall Mirrors

Ornate mirrors are a must-have for a vintage bedroom, and the larger, the better. Antique mirrors offer an instant window into a past world while also magnifying the light in your bedroom. Get the best effect by hanging a mirror on the wall opposite to or adjacent to a window so it can reflect more light. Other great places to hang wall mirrors include over the dresser, over the bed, or near the door. The idea is to catch both the light and the eye. It will make the space feel bigger while also evoking that sophisticated heirloom that most people desire.

Use Burlwood

Burlwood has long since been a home design staple, and it is coming back into style. If you can find an armoire made out of burlwood, make it a central piece of the bedroom. This unique material will forever be associated with sophistication and class.

Choose the Right Bed Frame

Your choice of a bed frame has a significant impact on your bedroom’s aesthetic. Your bed frame is often the first thing that catches the eye as soon as you step into the bedroom. You can also cozy it up with pillows and blankets.

Decorate with Silver

The vintage style looks exceptional by itself and in its unadulterated expression. However, if you want to add more glam to blend in with your tastes or preferences, incorporate plenty of pops of silver. There are numerous ways to incorporate silver into the room, including mirrors, picture frames, and décor pieces.

Style a Stool

Stools are incredibly versatile and add a simple yet effective touch of glamour to any bedroom. Among the ways you can style a stool into the bedroom include placing one next to your bed, as seating at a desk or vanity, or using it as a plant stand.

Opt for Wooden Pieces

If you are looking to achieve a truly vintage look and feel, skip white furniture. Instead, opt for wooden pieces that give off a traditional vibe. If you are worried about the vintage style being too overbearing on the room, you can add modern touches in the form of seating and rugs. Vintage furniture and décor looks great when mixed with a few modern pieces, as it helps to prevent one style from taking over. Find a few large vintage pieces to decorate with and mix in smaller vintage art and accents.

Bring in Antique Accessories

If you need an affordable and subtle way to add vintage style to your bedroom, vintage accessories like dresser sets with antique mirrors and brushes are a great place to start. Place the pieces on a surface along with handmade lace, perfume bottle, and anything else you love. This allows you to start to add vintage touches to your bedroom.

Add Some Ladder-Back Chairs

Add an instant vintage charm to your bedroom by incorporating antique ladder-back chairs. Their simple styles mean that they can fit with any textiles or furniture and be very useful in a bedroom. Place the chair next to the bed or hang a quilt over the back of the chair.

Create Vintage Style with Small Furniture Pieces

You don’t need to go big to give your bedroom a vintage look. You can equally achieve this effect with smaller pieces such as nightstands, antique chairs, and small chests of drawers. These items contribute to the room’s aesthetic and feel, particularly if you keep everything else neutral and allow them to shine.

Choose an Antique Bench

An antique bench provides you with a convenient place to sit in the bedroom and allows you to instantly embrace the vintage look. Place the bench at the foot of the bed or under a window. You can opt for a Victorian upholstered bench to make a statement or something simpler like a Shaker-style bench.

Remember to Include Vintage Lighting

Antique light fixtures are an effective way to add vintage charm to any room, including the bedroom. Don’t designate chandeliers for the dining room alone – hang one from a bedroom ceiling for opulent sparkle. You can also use vintage lamps on desks, bedside tables, and dressers to add beauty and light to the room.

Explore Our Selection of Vintage Furniture for Your Bedroom

The bedroom merits time and attention with respect to furniture and décor – after all, it’s your sanctuary. Incorporating vintage furniture in your bedroom will give it a unique charm that will make going to bed a treat. If you are looking for quality vintage furniture in Toronto, look no further than Carrocel Fine Furniture. Our 20,000 sq. ft. furniture showroom houses a wide selection of the highest quality vintage furniture and décor that is guaranteed to transform your space. We also have a highly resourceful team of furniture and design experts ready to assist you in finding the perfect vintage piece for your bedroom. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the pieces available or browse through our online catalogue.

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