Vintage Casual Defined and Integrated into Your Home

For most people, the term vintage casual evokes visions of a warm, welcoming, and comfortable space. This is also the perfect way to describe this style of furniture. It is a result of mixing and matching periods, finishes, and themes while keeping the space harmonious.

Today, vintage casual beautifully blends formal with relaxed and old with new to create spaces that are elegant but not stuffy or contrived. The style carries an overriding theme of comfort and a look and feel of abundance and richness. If you are considering integrating vintage casual into your home, here’s what you need to know.

Classic Vintage Casual Trademarks

The key reason why so many people are drawn to vintage casual is because of the inherent contrast of styles it affords while still retaining a sophisticated and cohesive look and feel. You will often see the following elements in vintage casual pieces:

  • Elegant sofas and chairs, but nothing stiff.
  • Often lighter wood or paint finishes. If the finish is darker, it’s typically distressed.
  • Slightly curved or straight legs, occasional ball or club bases.
  • Exceptional quality, solidity, and longevity.

Tips on Integrating Vintage Casual with Contemporary, Antique or Traditional Furnishings

Incorporate Pieces in Unexpected Ways and Places

There is something intriguing and fascinating about using furniture in ways and places they’re not traditionally associated with. It speaks to easy living and openness, which are key highlights of vintage casual.

Mix Styles for Unique Spaces

There is an appealing contrast between vintage and modern furniture. A roll-top desk with an acrylic chair or a sleek black dining table with vintage tufted armchairs are great decorating inspirations.

Vintage Casual Shines Against A Neutral Background

Neutral backgrounds such as grey, white, ivory, beige and taupe walls and ceilings make it easy to mix and match contrasting styles. This allows the variations in your furniture to take centre stage.

Anchor Styles with Wood Details

Wooden architectural details provide an excellent backdrop for mixed styles and give a home character and substance. Reclaimed floors, ceiling beams, wainscoting, and more create a stunning effect.

Easy Accessories

Simple accessories such as a crisp lampshade on a vintage base or an antique white pitcher on a modern metallic hall table create contrast that eases the mix and match of different styles and eras.

How to Identify Quality Vintage Furniture

Finding great vintage furniture is vital in achieving the vintage casual feel in your home. Below are some tips to help you identify quality wooden and upholstered vintage furniture in Toronto.

Wood Furniture

The main thing to look for when examining wooden vintage furniture is solid construction and wood selection. You can test for scratch resistance by gently scratching the piece with a fingernail. If this leaves a dent or causes damage, look for options with better-quality wood. If there are knots, inspect them for damage as they are prone to cracking.

Pieces that use veneers are good choices provided the base wood is sturdy. However, this limits the number of times it can be refinished to only once or twice.

Lastly, look for mortise-and-tenon joints or dovetail joints as they show the piece is well-built. Be wary of furniture held together with nails and staples as they may indicate a lower quality of construction.

Upholstered Furniture

When looking at upholstered chairs and sofas, check the quality of material used inside. You can unzip a removable cushion to see how it has been put together. The foam should be wrapped in a layer of cotton, Dacron, or down as cushions made with only foam are not as durable.

For the quality of construction and particularly comfort, test each piece. How it feels to you will be a personal opinion, and no spring configuration or cushion material is universally comfortable. Lastly, squeeze the back and the sides of your piece. With high-quality vintage furniture, you should not be able to feel the frame underneath.

Find Beautiful Vintage Furniture at Carrocel

Vintage casual continues to gain popularity globally, and it is not difficult to see why. It allows you to explore different styles and eras and express your creativity and personality while creating a comfortable and welcoming space.

If you are looking for vintage designer furniture, visit Carrocel. We have one of the largest collections of vintage furniture in Toronto and are located near Yorkdale Mall. Contact us and let our helpful staff assist you in finding inspiring pieces to add to your home.

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