Understanding Art Deco Furniture

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What is Art Deco Furniture?

EJ Victor Zebrawood S Shaped End Table by Allison PaladinoThe term “Art Deco” is short for Arts Décoratifs and is derived from a 1925 Paris exhibition that showcased this new style to the world. Art deco furniture is characterized by symmetrical, clean, rectilinear lines. It combines traditional craftsmanship with modern machinery and materials. Its beauty lies in the use of rich, exotic materials and opulent designs. This luxurious style of furniture was specifically designed for wealthy manufacturers who wanted their own distinctive line.

3 Art Deco Design Tips

  • Allison Paladino Twist TableChoose bold geometric patterns and colours: The art deco style is characterized by bold colours and patterns. While for some this translates to bold wall colours or geometric-patterned wall paper, for others it could mean furniture of unique shapes. If you are not quite ready to commit to any of these, opt for a patterned rug or large piece of art work for a focal wall. Black and green are dominant colours.
  • Choose different materials: Non-traditional furniture materials such as metals, stainless steel, ebony, chrome, plastic and marble take centre stage in art deco interiors. Leather and lacquer are also a key component of art deco furniture. Try metallic finishes with ornate detailing and clean lines.
  • Pay attention to lighting: The art deco style includes glamorous lighting that some may argue borders on “loud”, but has a certain air of elegance. Lots of natural light adds to the beauty of the clean lines and geometric shapes of art deco furniture and accessories.

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Art Deco Furniture Ideas for a Perfect Look

Art Deco furniture is a great way to add drama and sophistication to any room. It’s a style often used to add a modern yet timeless touch to living rooms and bedrooms. Whether you love the glamour of bold colours and patterns or prefer the elegance of muted tones and sleek lines, Art Deco furniture can bring your vision to life. With that in mind, the following are a few art deco furniture ideas to help inspire you:

  • Display As Much Artwork As You Can: Art Deco furniture often serves as the perfect backdrop for artwork. The use of bold abstract canvases, decorative table lamps, graphic prints, and sculptural elements can help you create a stunning visual display alongside the right Art Deco pieces.
  • Style Your Modern Renovations with Art Deco Furniture: Art Deco furniture is perfect for modernizing a room. If you’ve recently renovated your home, consider mixing in some Art Deco pieces to give the space a touch of vintage flair. From coffee tables to armchairs, you can find pieces that will fit in perfectly with your modern renovation.
  • Art Deco Furniture Materials: Materials like chrome, glass, and mirrored surfaces are often used in Art Deco pieces and can help to create a more dramatic look. Other classic materials used in Art Deco are the use of exotic woods, such as walnut, ash, and maple, and marble, which is usually found on tabletops or bases. All these elements can add a striking touch to your space and help you create a timeless look.
  • Elegant Art Deco Furniture: Art Deco furniture often boasts contemporary artistry without sacrificing a certain handcrafted feel. As such, high-quality art deco furniture can help give your space an elegant aesthetic. This is especially true if you stick to a colour scheme that features white, black, gray, and metallics. Art Deco pieces with a deep burgundy and brown hue can also add elegance.
  • Go for Smooth Veneer Textures: When it comes to interior design, texture can make or break a look. That’s why selecting furniture with the right textures for your space is essential. For a more glamorous look, consider incorporating Art Deco furniture pieces with smooth veneer textures. For instance, a marble-topped dresser or sideboard can create an eye-catching focal point, while a sleek glass desk will give your office an air of sophistication.
  • Cabinets & Credenzas: When looking for pieces to add storage to your space, cabinets and credenzas are a great addition to your decor. Art Deco cabinets and credenzas tend to have black-lacquered wood and metallic silver details that can give any room an air of sophistication and can be used to provide a bold focal point.

Common Motifs of Art Deco Style

There are a few common motifs that are hallmarks of the Art Deco style. Some of the most prominent include:

  • Trapezoidal shapes, or irregular shapes that draw the eye with their unique look
  • Zigzag patterns, or layers of lines arranged in a zipper-like formation
  • Chevron patterns, or repeating arrow-like motifs that may incorporate different colours and shapes within the pattern
  • Stepped forms, or repeating shapes that are layered on top of one another for artistic effect
  • Sweeping curves, long and exaggerated swooping lines that are often part of a larger geometric pattern
  • Sunburst shapes, or circular shapes surrounded by long angular points resembling a brightly shining sun
  • Triangular shapes, or pointed forms that are often used to highlight elements located close to the highest point
  • Stylized wildlife, or images of plants and animals that have been designed with the angular Art Deco aesthetic in mind

Most Art Deco works include more than one of these features. It is the combined visual impact of all of these traits that sets the style apart.

Art Deco vs. Art Nouveau Design Style

While Art Deco and Art Nouveau have similar names and originated in similar time periods, the two styles have very distinct visual differences.

Art Nouveau emphasizes organic beauty above all else. The gentle curves and rounded shapes that are characteristic of this style are meant to evoke the beauty of the natural world. Even though Art Nouveau works are full of rich detail and exude luxury, there are few to no sharp edges to be found within them. The entrances to Paris’ subway stations and much of the work of French artist Henri Toulouse-Lautrec exemplify this style.

Art Deco, on the other hand, is a style that celebrates modernity and industry. Its primary characteristic is its sharp lines and angular shapes. Works in this style use geometric shapes and high-end materials to convey a sense of prosperity and optimism for the future. When it employs curves, they are almost always paired with more angular lines as well. One of the most iconic buildings of all time, the Empire State Building, is an example of the Art Deco style.

Learn How to Identify Art Deco Furniture

Art Deco style furniture shares many of the same characteristics as Art Deco art and architecture. To spot pieces, look for:

  • Geometric patterns
  • Angular shapes
  • Symmetrical structure
  • A mix of several materials, including wood, upholstery, and metals

Some furniture companies still make furniture in this style, but it is often easier to look for antique Art Deco furniture than to shop for new pieces off the shelf. Many classic Art Deco furnishings have survived to the present day and are still in excellent shape.

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