Adding the Art Deco Style to Any Room

Many people love pieces from the 1920s. The art deco style and geometric patterns offer a timeless quality to every piece. These items inspire ideas of glamour and luxury and are often sought after by many when looking to decorate their home. When adding these pieces to your home, follow a few simple guidelines to ensure it looks great in any room in the house.

  • Focus on Streamlined Shapes – Streamlined shapes help to blend all of your pieces together. It is a staple of the Art Deco style, and a simple way to ensure nothing looks out of place.
  • Incorporate Geometric Shapes – Geometric shapes are also classic in the Art Deco style. Whether you choose oval mirrors, a triangular patterned rug or a rectangular coffee table, geometric patterns and shapes are essential for giving the Art Deco feel.
  • Go Glam with Lighting – Don’t be afraid of big dramatic lighting options when going for the Art Deco look in your home. Bold chandeliers are a regular find in places that are styled in this way, as are detailed wall and table lamps.
  • Make a Statement with a Mirror – Big mirrors are a great way to add an Art Deco flair to a room. Interesting shapes, lights, size, and where you place them can all liven up the room. You can also incorporate glass and lacquered furniture to add the mirrored touch.
  • Opt for Sleek Materials – Sleek, smooth and shiny materials are an ideal choice when bringing this style into your home. Glass, lacquered wood, stone and metals are excellent options.

Browse Carrocel’s Selection of Art Deco Furniture

The selection of Art Deco furniture available at Carrocel will give you inspiration for how to incorporate these pieces into your own home. To learn what works best for you, visit our 20,000 square-foot showroom to speak with our expert staff. We are located at 245 Bridgeland Avenue in central Toronto so come in any time.

Pair of French Art Deco Chrome Tubular Frame & Leather Lounge Chairs

Custom Deco Black Lacquered Console Table

Set of Six Art Deco Dining Chairs in Grey

  • Set of Six Art Deco Dining Chairs in GreySquare backed chairs refinished in a grey satin stain.
  • Upholstered with textured light grey fabric.
  • Set of Six Art Deco Dining Chairs in Grey

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