The History and Style of Art Deco Furniture

Whether you’re looking for an overstuffed sofa, a beautifully shaped display cabinet, or a luxurious piece to make a statement in your home, art deco is an excellent style choice. Here, we will dive into the history of art deco as well as learn what makes the style unique.

The History of Art Deco

  • Art deco is a style that became popular in the 1920s and 1930s in Paris due to an art exhibition.
  • This style spread universally and was used in art, architecture, fashion, and décor.
  • Art deco celebrated modern life and emphasized luxury and sophistication.

The Art Deco Style

  • Features material such as chrome, plastic, plate glass, and luxurious materials such as ivory, mahogany, and dark lacquer.
  • Often lacquered to create shiny surfaces.
  • Common design elements include zigzags, chevrons, and geometric elements.
  • Emphasis on vertical lines and smooth surfaces, often using bold colours.
  • Some pieces used hard woods such as ebony or Macassar and featured veneers while others featured modern materials with high contrast.

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Art Deco Rosewood Sideboard in the Style of Jules Leleu

Art Deco Burl Sandalwood & Shagreen Display Cabinet Secretaire c 1935 by Jules Deroubaix

Antique Rosewood French Art Deco Sideboard

  • Antique Rosewood French Art Deco SideboardLarge, curved pedestal base
  • Two doors with a brass design in the centre
  • Antique Rosewood French Art Deco Sideboard

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