Recognizing and Differentiating the Features of Louis-Style Furniture

King Louis-Style Chairs: The History and Timeless Appeal of Their Classic Designs

The most ardent history buffs may be able to distinguish between the reigns of three French kings who governed their country from 1643 to 1791, a period of almost 150 years. This was the era of King Louis; in fact three consecutive rulers bearing the same name, and who were the fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth to hold the French throne under that moniker.

For those less-historically inclined, so to speak, their knowledge of these French rulers may be limited to just their titles (Louis XIV, Louis XV, and Louis XVI to be precise) and any such familiarity could be the result of references to architectural or furniture designs of that era. And because these three ruled in succession more than two centuries ago, it would be easy to understand and accept if people today found it difficult to differentiate between each of these kings, let alone any differences in Louis XIV, Louis XV, and Louis XVI furniture or chair styles from their respective eras in history.

To assist discriminating homeowners in identifying and distinguishing King Louis-style chairs by their corresponding period, the high-end furniture specialists from Carrocel fine furniture offer the following comparative synopsis:

  • Louis XIV Chairs
    • Thick and sturdy wooden frames
    • Seats and chair backs are rectangular
    • Arm rests extend to the front edge of the seat
    • Chair backs are rigid and upright; often upholstered
    • Legs are straight and connected by H- or X-shaped stretchers
  • Louis XV Chairs
    • Less symmetrical in design
    • Arm rests do not extend to front seat edge
    • Chair backs are at a slight angle and rounded
    • Chair legs are also angled and cabriole or S-shaped
    • Wood is often decorated with intricate scrolls or medallions
  • Louis XVI Chairs
    • A return to more geometrical shapes
    • Chair backs are oval or shield-like in shape
    • Arm rests once again meet the front of the seat
    • Chair legs are straight and often resemble columns
    • Decorative carvings are more restrained, classical themes

Independent of any potential blurring of these three eras, Louis-style furniture has retained a timeless appeal to the present day; and while original pieces may be rather difficult, not to mention expensive, to find today, Louis-style remains evident in exquisite reproductions available from the Carrocel fine furniture store, located near the Yorkdale Mall in Toronto.

A Superb Selection of Louis-Style Chairs and Furniture for Your Home or Office

Homeowners, interior designers, and individual collectors interested in obtaining vintage or custom reproductions of Louis-style chairs or furniture would benefit by visiting the Carrocel furniture showroom, centrally located at 245 Bridgeland Avenue in Toronto.

The furniture displays in the Carrocel showroom span 20,000 square feet of floor space, and include a magnificent collection of Louis-style furniture pieces such as:

  • Consoles
  • Writing Desks
  • Chests/Commodes
  • Circular Centre Tables
  • Chairs and Dining Chairs

A selection of the exquisite Louis-style pieces currently available from the Carrocel furniture store consists of the following:

  • Lacquered Louis XV Chest of Drawers
  • French Gilt Louis XV Kingwood Parquetry Centre Table
  • Pair of Bleached Wood Carved Louis XV Chairs
  • Set of 8 Carrocel Custom Louis Quinze Dining Chairs
  • French Hand Carved Louis XV Rococo Style Console
  • Louis XVI Style Mahogany Greek Key Display Console
Lacquered Louis XV Chest of DrawersLouis XVI Style Mahogany Greek Key Display ConsoleFrench Hand Carved Louis XV Rococo Style ConsoleSet of 8 Carrocel Custom Louis Quinze Dining ChairsPair of Bleached Wood Carved Louis XV Chairs French Gilt Louis XV Kingwood Parquetry Centre Table

For more complete information on the Louis-style furniture that is currently on display in the Carrocel store, go to the individual links above or visit their 20,000 square-foot showroom in central Toronto.

Looking for a unique Louis-style chair or table to enrich the décor of your home or business? Call the vintage furniture experts from Carrocel fine furniture today at 416-999-2525 or Contact us to schedule a no-obligation consultation at your earliest convenience.

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