Louis XIV, XV, and XVI Furniture Store & Showroom in Toronto

Louis XIV, XV and XVI style furniture is more than just heavy-handed gilding and fancily carved drawer knobs. These French pieces of furniture from the 18th Century are, in many ways, the platonic ideal of antique furniture. They are exquisitely constructed from the finest materials, rich in political and social context, and oozing sophistication with their semi-foreign vocabulary. So, as a non-expert, how do you tell the Louis XIV, XV and XVI style furniture apart? Also, where can you find genuine Louis XIV, XV and XVI style furniture in Toronto? Here are some tips to guide you in finding the right pieces for your space.

Louis XIV, XV & XVI Furniture Store & Showroom in Toronto

Louis XIV, XV & XVI style furniture continues to inspire and excite homeowners, interior designers, and individual collectors with its timeless appeal and classic designs. While few places will carry original Louis XIV, XV & XVI furniture pieces, you can find exquisite Louis style pieces at the Carrocel Fine Furniture showroom. We have an extensive collection of Louis XIV, XV & XVI style pieces of furniture including:

  • Writing desks
  • Chairs
  • Consoles
  • Chests/Commodes
  • Circular Centre Tables
  • Chairs and Dining Chairs

What Makes Each Style Unique

The Louis XIV, XV & XVI styles of furniture each tell a different story of France’s social and political state corresponding to their era. Each style is a reflection of the social needs, design trends, political influence and material availability at the time.

Louis XIV: Royal Elegance

Understandably, what made Louis XIV furniture unique is largely the political influence during its era, specifically the input of King Louis XIV – candidly referred to as the Sun King. The long-reigning mastermind of the glory of Versailles had a refined taste in style. He specifically pushed for the surroundings to reflect prestige and power. This influence was picked up by artists and craftsmen, resulting in highly dramatic and ornate pieces of furniture that have withstood the test of time.

Louis XV: Curves and Comfort

The reign of King XV conceded with the Rococo period of European art and design. This defining period saw a rise in the popularity of organic motifs and intricate ornamentation. This led to the easing up of furniture designs to focus on comfort and feature curved shapes.

Louis XVI: Crisp and Classic

The King Louis XVI era was shaped mainly by the French revolution, which was starting at the time. During this era, artisans and craftsmen showed decorative restraint and instead focused on clear architectural forms. The furniture, therefore, leaned towards crisp and clean antiquity inspired design as opposed to the Louis XV era furniture, which was dramatically ornamented.

Types of Louis Furniture Available at Our Showroom

Our 20,000 sq. ft. furniture showroom located near Yorkdale Mall in Toronto houses an extensive collection of Louis XIV, XV and Louis XVI style furniture to match every design preference.

Louis XV Furniture

Developed during the reign of King Louis XV, this furniture style replaced the furniture from the Louis XIV era that was generally lavish and large, with small designs focused on elegance and comfort.

Louis XVI Furniture

This style of furniture developed during the reign of King Louis XVI is greatly influenced by Roman history and is a combination of comfort and luxury in crisp designs.

Find Beautiful Antique French Furniture at Carrocel

Our Toronto furniture showroom and store also houses other antique French furniture that features the Louis style influence with similar timeless designs, elegance, and comfort. Visit or contact us to find an elegant antique piece for your home.

Louis XVI Style Black Lacquered Commode Chest

  • Custom Modern Walnut Brass Sideboard BuffetHand polished black lacquer finish
  • Original brass marble top and hardware
  • Louis XVI Style Black Lacquered Commode Chest

Vintage Louis XVI Style Sideboard Buffet by Karges Furniture

Custom Distressed Louis XVI Style Settee Chaise

  • Custom Modern Round Black Oak Dining TableRich grey blue velvet upholstery
  • Nickel head to head hand-applied tack accents
  • Custom Distressed Louis XVI Style Settee Chaise

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