Mixing Modern Living Room Designs with Unique, Vintage Designer Furniture

Vintage Designer Furniture And Modern Furniture Stores

Having everything perfectly matched in your living room may give the appearance you have a flawless home, but it may be lacking one key thing: your personality. By combining different furniture styles, colors and even patterns, you can create a look that is fresh, fun and entirely your own.

Tips for Combining Vintage Designer Furniture with Modern Furniture

While you may feel as though you have quite a task on hand, combining different eras and furniture styles is rather simple. Once you get out of the mindset that everything needs to come from a package deal at the store, you can create an extraordinary look.

To help you get started, here a few tips:

  • Embrace Contrasts Contrast your furniture, such as mixing hard and soft items, ‘blocky’ furniture with legged furniture pieces and even mixing the rounded furniture with square-shaped items.
  • Combine Old and New Without Fear Vintage designer furniture can match modern styles. For example, industrial-style lamps combined with rustic pendants in a kitchen combine both worlds without clashing.
  • Use Vintage Pieces as the Centerpiece Make your vintage piece the focal point of a room, then decorate around it with finds from modern furniture stores.
  • Stick to Style and Not Era It is important to combine styles together, but not worry so much about era. For example, if you like the French Country look, do not be afraid to combine French Country items from different periods, but stick to the country-esque styles so it all blends seamlessly.
  • Go Neutral When Unsure If you are unsure about which colors will work best, stick to neutrals to combine different looks. For example, white with beige and dark antique woods can come together nicely, regardless of what era your furniture is from.
  • Use a Bold Main Color If neutrals are not for you, embrace one bold color and then design everything else around it. As long as the colors blend, you can combine different patterns and styles with ease.

Find Your Perfect Living Room by Finding Quality Vintage Designer Furniture

To make your living room design just right, you need the right mixture of quality furniture items. Carrocel high end furniture store’s showroom features modern and vintage designs, handmade pieces and antique furniture that helps you breathe some personality into your home.

Visit our website to see how we combine vintage designer furniture with modern flare. Contact Carrocel high end furniture store at 416-999-2525 to learn more and find the furniture you need today.

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