Mixing Different Furniture Styles and Designs and Ways to Make it Work

How to Make a Statement in Your Décor by Mixing Furniture Designs and Styles

There are likely many people who can recall an instance, or multiple instances, when their parents or grandparents squashed their choice of attire or ideas for transforming their room because the elders felt that the items of clothing did not go together or that mixing different decorating furniture styles and designs would not look right. Looking back, this lack of agreement was most likely attributed to a generation judged as outdated; however, this aversion to change might have been more fittingly associated with the traditional mindset of people from prior generations, one based on such elements as appropriateness, uniformity, and predictability.

Consequently, there is a prevailing attitude still in existence today that one should not break from tradition by mixing styles and designs from different eras in the same item or concept. This is why, when it comes to furniture for example, many homeowners believe that every piece in a room must be part of a matched set; it must be symmetrical in its positioning and consistent in appearance in order to, for wont of a better expression, look right.

However, a new trend is emerging and becoming more popular relative to furnishing a room or rooms in a home; yes, mixing furniture styles and designs is a fresh and fashionable way to add life, colour, and texture that just cannot be attained with perfectly matched furniture. There is, it seems, no longer a rule prohibiting contrasting styles such as the following from being used in the same room or throughout the same home:

While there are literally hundreds of combinations in which homeowners can mix-and-match different types of furniture, it must not be done in a manner that merely creates a look that is chaotic in nature, is visually overpowering, and/or is fundamentally unappealing. Thus, in an effort to help stimulate ideas for mixing various furniture styles and designs in ways that work, the luxury furniture experts at Carrocel fine furniture offer the following as examples:

  • Complement an antique desk with a modern office chair
  • Use a vintage dresser as a TV console in the living room
  • Mix a traditional dining table with a set of modern chairs
  • Incorporate vintage cabinets into a fully-modern kitchen
  • Convert a vintage secretary into a bar or display cabinet
  • Match a rustic or antique dining table with modern chairs
  • Employ a vintage wardrobe to store surplus linens/towels
  • Use chairs of various styles around a modern dining table
  • Mix an antique chair and a modern table in a reading nook

Mixing the appropriate combination of furniture styles and designs requires a creative yet critical eye; finding the ideal items to make the correct type of statement in any room is extremely important as well. Fortunately, homeowners can satisfy all of these objectives by consulting a high-end furniture specialist, such as a representative from Carrocel in Toronto.

Consult a Luxury Furniture Expert When Contemplating Mixing Furniture Designs

Sometimes, the largest obstacle to successfully implementing a novel/innovative decorating idea is recognizing where to begin; and this can certainly be applied to how homeowners go about mixing different furniture styles and designs in their place of residence.

Perhaps the solution to such a quandary would be a visit to the Carrocel fine furniture store showroom, centrally located at 245 Bridgeland Avenue near the Yorkdale Mall in Toronto. During this visit, a knowledgeable Carrocel representative can present various combinations of modern, antique, and vintage furniture and accents that work well together and can truly make a statement in the home.

To help them appreciate the scope of high-end furniture and accessories currently available in Carrocel’s 20,000 square-foot showroom, homeowners may like to preview the following:

Mixing Different Furniture Styles and Designs and Ways to Make it WorkPair of Modern Mirrored Cubism Dressers

  • Mirrored in a cubic design on their faces and sides to add texture, depth
  • Tops of dressers are flat-mirrored to provide the element of functionality

Mixing Different Furniture Styles and Designs and Ways to Make it WorkCarrocel Custom Modern Glass Top Parson’s Style Glass Top Dining Table

  • Made of solid wood and finished in a pale pink with an inlaid dark glass top surface
  • Sits on square legs that are identical in width to the wood that frames the tabletop
  • View Here

Mixing Different Furniture Styles and Designs and Ways to Make it WorkModern Faux Fur Accent Chair

  • Soft faux fur seat; square sides trimmed in cream leather and black lacquered wood
  • One-of-a-kind modern accent chair from Carrocel’s Revival collection; great condition

Mixing Different Furniture Styles and Designs and Ways to Make it WorkVintage Deco Waterfall Bar Console Table

  • Constructed of black laminate with high-gloss and matte stripes on its top and sides
  • Has two Lucite rolls on the top surface and two tall pull-out drawers along each side

Mixing Different Furniture Styles and Designs and Ways to Make it WorkVintage French Art Deco Floor Lamp with Adjustable Glass Shelf

  • A three-ridged glass top seated on a metal support with a round glass lamp below
  • Three vertical stainless steel rods that pass through an adjustable glass drink shelf

To browse a more comprehensive selection of the luxury furniture on display in the Carrocel showroom, including modern, vintage, and antique pieces and accessories, call the experts from Carrocel fine furniture at 416-999-2525 today or contact us to book a no-obligation consultation at a time convenient in your calendar. You can also visit our store, located just minutes west of Yorkdale Mall on Bridgeland Avenue, at your discretion.

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