Dining Tables

Custom Dining Tables for Your Home

While tables at most retail stores will often do the job, they may not be exactly what you need or are looking for. For example, it could be a great fit, but the wrong colour. It meets all of your criteria but cannot be extended when guests come by. It’s beautiful, but too small for the space it will need to fit into. In these circumstances, a custom dining table will better suit your needs.

At Carrocel, we take pride in creating and designing prestigious, original, and unique pieces of furniture for our clients. These items can make a tremendous statement in your home, and also impress your guests and be the envy of your friends. No two pieces are the same, allowing you to enjoy your one of a kind dining table that is incomparable to others on the market.

When it comes time to design your table, there are a few factors to keep in mind to help bring your vision to life:

Shape and Size:

While you can conceivably have a table in any shape you wish, the most common options are square, rectangular, and round. The simplicity of a square or rectangular table makes it easy to set up the table, and also to add chairs as needed to the ends if you have company. A round table is also popular as it doesn’t require any specific orientation in the room and leaves enough space for all who are sitting at it without feeling cramped.

When it comes to sizing, no matter the available space in your room, a custom dining table can be created to fit. A small table may be ideal if you live in an apartment or don’t often have people over to eat. Otherwise, a large table that can fit a family, as well as any additional visitors, is an excellent option.


Our builders utilize a variety of materials which you can select from when designing your table. If you desire the beauty of glass, the warmth of wood, or the strength of metal, we can work with you to create the ideal finished piece. There is also the possibility to combine materials to create something that is truly unique to your tastes.


When your piece has completed the construction phase, next is finish. Here you can decide the level of sheen, whether you wish to have a high-gloss finish or something a little more tame, as well as the colour of the stain which impacts the finished colouring of your table overall.

For more information about the custom dining table options available at Carrocel, reach out to us. If you’d like to view some examples of our work, we invite you to browse our showroom or view our online catalogue.