How To Incorporate Vintage Furniture Into A Modern Setting

dinning table with 11 custom dining chairs

Not sure what to do with an impulse purchase, inherited furniture or a well-intentioned gift (yes, we’ve all been there)? While these pieces may not match your current furniture décor, they may still be of value, sentimental or material; and with some smart design tips, you could incorporate them to create a room that is truly distinctive.

Here are some tips from vintage furniture experts that will help you bring together different styles and create a sophisticated space in your home.

  • Less is more. When incorporating vintage furniture into a modern room, choose only one or two pieces. Select an antique chair or rug that will harmonize well with the existing furniture without making the room look mismatched.
  • Each wood type is unique. When mixing wooden pieces, consider that each one has its unique wood tone and finish. While mahogany, cherry and oak have a formal feel, pine, maple, and bamboo are more casual choices. Choose a vintage piece with a compatible undertone to tie different pieces of furniture together in the same room.
  • Create a focal point. This is neither hard, nor expensive to achieve. A beautiful piece of refinished vintage furniture is an excellent choice for adding a unique element to your space. You can use it as a focal point to mix in bold fabrics, contemporary lighting and accessories for a slightly more modern appeal.
  • Use accent pieces from different decades. Don’t be afraid to mix pieces from different time periods. Exact matches are hard to find, but mixing select vintage furniture from different eras with modern pieces can create a stunning, eclectic living space. Just be careful to pick from style periods that are compatible.
  • Reorganize and Repurpose. Don’t be afraid to personalize the items you own. Use your vintage pieces in unexpected places and in unexpected ways. An antique desk repurposed into a kitchen island or a vintage cake stand up-cycled into a beautiful candle holder could become a one-of-a-kind conversation piece. Be bold, be creative, have fun with your vintage furniture!

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