How to Choose Your Dining Table Shape

Choosing the perfect dining room table takes more thought than you might imagine. Of course, size and material are important considerations, but there are still other important factors, particularly shape.

While rectangular dining tables seem to be the obvious and popular choice, space constraints and style preferences can make circular or oval dining tables a better option. That said, choosing one shape over the other relies on your needs, style preferences, and space constraints.

Below is a comprehensive dining table guide to help you discover the benefits of each shape.

3 Popular Dining Table Shapes

Rectangular or Square Dining Tables

When you think of a banquet hall or a formal dining room, chances are you imagine a rectangular dining table. Most rooms are rectangular, so the strong lines of a rectangular dining table echo the shape of the space and create a sleek and cohesive look. This shape is highly preferred as you can fit many people around it, whether on the sides or with people sitting at the head. This is also mirrored in square tables, which suit smaller spaces.

Custom Modern Dining Table with Metal Base

Macassar Ebony Square Walnut Dining Table

Custom Walnut Dining Table Featuring Metal Inlay

Round or Circular Tables for Dining Rooms

Circular dining tables are a modern, cozy, and casual alternative to rectangular or square tables. Their curved shape softens the atmosphere of the room while encouraging people to sit closer.

The shape also suits any home, from country cottages to penthouse apartments. Although circular dining tables are often associated with smaller spaces, you do not have to restrict them to informal setups. You can easily dress it up or down with different décor.

Modern Round Black Marble Top Dining Table

  • Modern Round Black Marble Top Dining TableThick Silver Portoro black marble top
  • Unique modern starburst metal pedestal
  • Modern Round Black Marble Top Dining Table

Custom Geometric Base Glass Top Dining Table

Modern Round Dining Table with Brass Base

  • Modern Round Dining Table with Brass BaseUnique modern brass pedestal
  • Book-matched polished sycamore wood top
  • Modern Round Dining Table with Brass Base

Elliptical or Oval Dining Tables

Oval dining tables achieve the perfect balance of rectangular and circular, blending the long linear sides with rounded ends. These curved edges help add softness to a room and break up the angular lines in your home. They are longer than a round table, making them suitable for larger groups.

An oval table looks great in a rectangular room as they are long and thin, though it may look cramped if you have a small space. Choosing an option with a pedestal base will allow you to fit more people around the table.

Flamed Mahogany Dining Table Hepplewhite Inspired

Custom Modern Walnut Oval Dining Table

Carrocel Custom White Porcelain Dining Table

  • Carrocel Custom White Porcelain Dining TableSolid white Calacatta porcelain top with grey veining
  • Sleek modern grey polished wood base
  • Carrocel Custom White Porcelain Dining Table

Base and Leg Shape

When you think about the shape of a dining table, you are probably only considering the shape of the tabletop. However, it is also important to consider the base of your table as it will impact how close you can sit to the table, how many chairs you can fit, and more. Remember that not all table shapes will be compatible with all base and leg options.

Single Pedestal

These dining tables stand on a single large support. Though commonly associated with round tables, they are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. The center post makes it easy to push chairs flush to this table, making it perfect for smaller spaces.

Carrocel Custom Modern Polished Walnut Dining Table

Custom Sunburst Modern Round Dining Table

  • Custom Sunburst Modern Round Dining TableBeautiful sunburst patterned top
  • Round fluted base
  • Custom Sunburst Modern Round Dining Table

Modern Round Marble Dining Table

  • Modern Round Marble Dining TableClean cut grey and black marble pedestal
  • Round wood top finished in a white satin
  • Modern Round Marble Dining Table


In a very large dining room, multiple pedestals are better than one as the balance afforded by the base allows this type of table to seat 12 or more with relative ease. Multi–pedestal tables also lend a more formal look and feel to the dining room.

Carrocel Custom Impero Dining Table

Custom Modern Dining Table Macassar Diamond Pattern Top

Custom Modern Black and White Dining Table


The versatility of leg dining tables makes them the most common. With the ability to expand by adding inserts, you have the option of adding more legs for stability.

Ralph Lauren One Fifth Dining Table

Vintage French Black Lacquered Dining Table

  • Vintage French Black Lacquered Dining TableRefinished in black lacquer
  • Beautifully tapered legs with x-shaped stretchers near the top
  • Vintage French Black Lacquered Dining Table

Yacht Parson’s Dining Table by Ralph Lauren

  • Yacht Parson’s Dining Table by Ralph LaurenSolid mahogany in a flamed finish
  • A classic piece with the perfect amount of flair
  • Yacht Parson’s Dining Table by Ralph Lauren

Best Dining Table Shapes for Small Rooms

The most popular dining table shape for small rooms is round. When paired with square chairs that have a low back and no arms, you create an unobtrusive yet beautiful space. Benches or modern chair designs that fit neatly under the table could also serve the same function.

Another alternative is to use extendable dining tables, which allow you to entertain a larger group without the table taking up vital floor space. You can also choose a table that uses inserts, changing your round table into an oval or square into a rectangle. This allows you to have two dining table shapes in one and change as necessary.

Best Dining Table Shapes for Large Rooms

Even if you are not limited on space, finding the right dining table for your home can be tricky. Custom dining tables tailored to your specific dining room measurements are the most obvious solution. However, you can also push together two smaller square dining tables which allows you to double up on length while still retaining the width of a square table. You also need to consider the effect of the table on the look and feel of the room.

It is also important to remember that the table does not need to ‘fill up’ the space. All dining tables can be dramatized depending on their materials, finish, and decorative touches to visually fill a large room. As such, you have the liberty to go with any table shape you desire. Your choice will come down to what statement you want the table to make and what sort of atmosphere you want to create.

Other Essentials to Choose the Right Dining Table Shape

Remember, the shape of the dining table is only one part of the picture. There are other things to consider to ensure it fits comfortably within the space.

Appropriate Seating

Consider the cohesion between the table and the seating. What works better with the table? If you decide to go with chairs, ensure that they fit underneath the table and leave enough space for the diners. Remember that upholstered chairs with arms generally take up more room.

Leave Enough Space

Even if you have space constraints, you want your guests to be comfortable. You don’t want people clashing elbows when eating or having to shuffle around the dining table. Ideally, you want to leave at least 31” between the dining table and the wall with approximately 12” of space between the chairs.

Explore Our Selection of Dining Room Tables in Toronto

Many people have their best conversations with friends and family around the dinner table. Your choice of dining table has a significant impact on the atmosphere, and therefore the comfortability of all in the room.

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