Finding the Perfect Dining Room Table for Your Home

Dining rooms have always been a focal point of the home. They are where families gather to have meals, host friends and neighbours, and commemorate important events. Traditionally, dining tables were quite large and easily able to accommodate many people. Over the years, however, furniture designs have changed to be smaller and less elaborate. This change can be attributed to the emergence of new trends and the evolution of our lifestyles, personal taste, and home architecture.

Today, dining tables do more than host dinners. They are a place for the family to gather, work, play games, explore different arts and crafts, do homework, and much more. This can often make the process of finding the right table more complicated. Knowing some essential factors that should be considered when choosing a dining room table will ensure that your pick matches your unique needs, lifestyle, and preferences.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dining Table


The shape of your dining table is often influenced by the size and shape of your dining space. A round or square dining table will make the most of the space in a small dining area. For a longer and more narrow room, an oval or rectangular table may be a better option.


How much space you have in your dining room and the number of people that will be seated at your dining table will determine the size you should purchase. It is also good to leave 3-4 feet of space between the table and the walls. This ensures that there is enough space to move around the table and pull out the chairs. If you occasionally have more guests than the table can fit, consider buying one with leaves or extensions that you can add on as needed.


When it comes to height, it’s purely a matter of preference. There are typically three options:

  • Standard Height – Between 28 and 30 inches,
  • Counter Height – Around 36 inches
  • Pub Tables – Typically 40 to 42 inches

Rooms with higher ceilings can handle high tables, while a standard height option works in nearly any space. Keep in mind that higher tables will require taller chairs which may be difficult for some people to sit at comfortably.


There are a variety of materials used for dining room tables, and each gives a different look and feel to your space. It helps to determine the aesthetic you are going for and choose the material that best suits it.

  • Wood – Wood is the most commonly used material for dining room tables, as It is an ideal choice for long-term use. Wooden tables are easy to update or refresh with a stain or fresh coat of paint.
  • Metal – Tables tops made from metal are durable and provide an industrial feel to your dining area. However, metal dining tables can be susceptible to corrosion and patination.
  • Marble – If you want a high-end feel, marble is the material of choice. Be aware that it is porous and will need regular care. A simple spill could become a stain within minutes.
  • Glass – Dining tables with glass tops have a sleek look and modern feel. They are easy to maintain and clean, but they are fragile and could easily break if stacked with heavy objects or hit. If you do select glass, be sure it is tempered so that it won’t shatter.


There are many styles of dining tables available, so it is important to select one that goes with your existing décor and style. Popular options include:

  • Farmhouse – Typically wooden, farmhouse tables have a slightly more distressed top, often unfinished, and feature carved or X-shaped legs. They best suit relaxed casual spaces.
  • Traditional – Traditional tables are often made from wood with rounded or carved legs. They are typically varnished or finished with a high-shine stain. They suit any dining space.
  • Pedestal – A pedestal table consists of a single base in the center of the table instead of the more traditional four legs. It is most commonly seen in round tables, although square or rectangular options are also available.
  • Parsons – This style is very simple, with straight lines and angular corners. It works best with modern or transitional décor styles.
  • Mid-century – Mid-century tables are often a combination of various woods and feature tapered legs.
  • Contemporary – These tables incorporate various sculptural elements and use a variety of materials. They tend to look best when placed with décor that is also modern or contemporary.

Selecting the Right Wood for Your Table

If you choose wood as the material for your dining table, it is important to decide which type is best for you. Learning which woods are commonly used, their appearance, and their characteristics can help you determine which option best suits your needs.


Walnut is strong and durable, making it a great choice for furniture. It has large burls and is often a rich dark brown colour. Over time, it may naturally lighten, and some hints of honey colouring might show in the grain. Walnut is exceptional for carving and ideal for ornate furniture that requires a lot of details.


Maple is one of the hardest woods used for furniture. It is perfectly suited for heavy-use items due to its durability and is often more affordable than other hardwoods. This makes it ideal for families with pets, small children, or those looking for quality pieces on a budget. Maple wood is typically a light creamy brown, becoming deeper and more honey-toned with age. It takes stain well, allowing you to adjust the colour to better suit your home.


Mahogany is a durable and beautiful hardwood. Its colour varies from a light tan to reddish-brown, and sometimes a purple tone is seen. These colours will often darken over time. Mahogany is sought-after for its timeless look, natural warmth, and elegance. Mahogany is often used for investment pieces or heirlooms, as it can last for generations with proper care.


Oak is durable, long-lasting, and very dense. The colour ranges from light beiges and browns, while red oak has pinkish and red tones. Over time, each variety will pick up amber tones. Oak adapts well to a variety of finishes and ideal for both modern and traditional furniture. Many of today’s antiques are crafted using oak. It is resistant to scratches and stains when properly finished, making it ideal for heavy-use pieces.


Pine is an inexpensive wood known for its beautiful knots, which add character and charm. It is typically light brown and will darken and take on a yellow hue over time. Pine is lightweight, making it easy to move when needed. It is popular for the creation of farmhouse and rustic designs.

Since many kinds of wood change colour over time, it is advised to frequently move items around on the table to avoid creating darker or lighter areas. If you do end up with discolouration, keeping that area uncovered will allow it to even out.

Creating A Custom Dining Table at Carrocel

You may be unable to find the table you want at a furniture shop. In this situation, you can either compromise on another option that fits most of your needs or build a custom dining table that meets your requirements exactly.

At Carrocel, we help our customers create custom furniture pieces that will look great in their homes. When creating a dining table from start to finish, you have more control over every aspect. This means there are several additional things to consider to ensure your custom dining table will be perfect for you now and in the future.

Type of Base

When creating your table, determining the type of base you want to use is an important stage in the design process. Generally, you can opt for a traditional four-legged table or select one with a pedestal base.

If you’re selecting a table with legs, thicker and bigger legs can create a bold look on a small table. Any table over 7 feet in length will also require bigger legs. You can also create a more elegant look with tapered, curved, or claw foot legs.

Additionally, there are a variety of options for a pedestal base. You can select a single post, double post, X base, and more. You can also choose to have a custom-built base made to your design preferences.

Table Size

While premade tables are available in general sizes, custom tables allow you to select the exact measurements you need. Be sure to still leave space around the table for chairs, easy movement, and comfortable seating. You can also create room on the tabletop for serving dishes.

If you are choosing a rectangular shape, these sizes may work for you:

  • 6 People – 42”x60”
  • 8 People – 42”x84”
  • 10 People – 42”x108”

Formal or Casual

Rich, dark-coloured tables lend themselves to a more formal setting. These may be best suited for separate dining rooms or dark kitchens. Tables made from lighter wood or stained lightly will suit a casual space, such as a breakfast nook or attached kitchen and dining space.

Extensions and Leaves

Leaves add considerable space to the table, allowing more seating space for your guests if needed. They can be added to the ends of the table or placed in the middle and easily stored away when not required. Depending on how often you have guests, leaves can come in very handy.

An Exquisite Selection of High-End Custom Dining Tables

When homeowners are looking for new dining room furniture, the experts at Carrocel can provide professional advice and assistance. Our 20,000 square-foot furniture showroom near Yorkdale Mall in Toronto has a variety of high-end dining room table options, letting you browse the construction, material, and style to find the perfect fit. Some of the popular material options we carry include:

  • Cherry
  • Rosewood
  • Burled Walnut
  • Macassar Ebony
  • Mahogany
  • Walnut

A sampling of our selection of dining room tables includes:

Square and Rectangular Dining Tables

Round and Oval Dining Tables

Modern Round Marble Dining Table

Modern Round Marble Dining Table

Modern Round Marble Dining Table

Custom and One-of-a-Kind Dining Tables

If you are more adventurous or have unique needs, explore our selection of one-of-a-kind custom dining tables, or let our experts help you design a custom dining table.

Custom Table

Custom Table

Custom Table

Find a Dining Table to Suit Your Space at Carrocel

Are you having trouble finding the perfect dining table for your home? We can help you explore the wide range of options and possibilities available at Carrocel. Our team of furniture experts will help you find or design the perfect piece. Visit our showroom or give us a call today!

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