Furniture and Décor in the Louis XVI Style

Furniture and Décor in the Louis XVI StyleLouis XVI Style

The Louis XVI style of furniture is typically associated with elegance and classical influence, drawing inspiration from classic art and historic cultures and societies such as the Romans and Greeks. The fine craftsmanship is easily identifiable and has remained quite popular.

  • History – This style of furniture is named for the French King Louis-Auguste. It dates back to the late 1700s and emphasizes straight lines and classically inspired décor.
  • Opulence with Restraint – There is a certain level of restraint practiced in the design of pieces from this style. The pieces display fewer floral inlays as previous styles and instead show solid wood veneers framed by classically inspired gilded pieces.
  • The French Revolution – The French Revolution at the end of the 1700s meant that many of the items that belonged to the Crown were sold. This led to these pieces being available on the art market, and items appeared in galleries and museums around the world. These became recognized as beautiful and rare pieces, and wealthy individuals also collected them.
  • Incredible Luxury – Many pieces of furniture in this style were created for wealthy individuals. Marie-Antoinette had pieces commissioned for her private study, and designers would often sell their works through merchants who had connections to the Royals.
  • Highly Valued and Collectable – Items in this style often featured hand-carved wooden details on a variety of fine woods, gilded accents, and usually had hand-sewn silk or tapestry upholstery. While the reign of the royals didn’t last, the Louis XVI style did and the items from this period are still admired and valued.

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