Your Guide To Buying Bargain Antique Dining Room Tables

Antique dining tables make a stunning impression. They provide a stylish backdrop for your dinner parties and family gatherings while gracing your home with old-world charm.

Finding the right piece for your dining room however, takes time and effort. Authentic antique furniture can also call for a substantial investment. That does not mean you cannot own an antique. A good way to save on cost is to buy a bargain antique table and have it professionally restored to its original glory.

Here is Carrocel’s guide to buying bargain antiques:

  • Do your homework on the different antique styles e.g. Jacobean, Georgian, Early American, art deco, art moderne, etc. (Read more about How To Identify Antique Styles) and also get an idea about pricing.
  • Explore the vintage and antique dining tables available on eBay, Kijiji and Craig’s List for a good bargain.
  • Make sure the piece you select is a fine representation of its time.
  • Check that the table is in good condition; some old furniture is beyond restoration and not worth the effort or the expense.
  • Take a detailed look for restoration work that could have altered its appeal and value; for example, differences in the wood are usually a sign that some pieces have been replaced, uniform colouring indicates it has been refinished (Read here for Quick Tips For Evaluating Antique Furniture).
  • Get the antique dining table professionally evaluated as there are sellers who misrepresent new furniture as genuine antiques.

Antique restoration is a highly specialized job. Professional refinishing services are less likely to damage or devalue your antique dining table. Protect your investment.

Carrocel Restorations is a trusted source for antique furniture. We have one of the largest showrooms in Toronto and the GTA. From evaluating your antique dining room table to restoring its vintage beauty, you can rely on us for the very best service. Just like with our antiques, restorations too are protected by a comprehensive guarantee for your absolute peace of mind.

If you are interested in getting your antique dining table appraised, sold or refinished, call Carrocel Restorations for a Free Estimate today at 416-999-2525.

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