Designing a Beautiful and Productive Startup Office

Having an unpleasant workplace may be what keeps potential employees from saying yes to offers. Keep in mind that how your office looks represents the culture, so be sure you present yourself well and attract the right people. This is particularly true for startups, and the following tips can help you create a pleasing yet constructive environment.

Allow Natural Light In

Having natural light in your office helps to improve how staff members feel, as well as boosting energy levels. Those who have access to sunlight in their workspace versus those who work in artificial light are found to sleep, focus, and live better overall. Being able to design your office with this in mind is beneficial both to your employees for their well-being, as well as to you for your bottom line. Simple things such as glass partitions or windows in the doors can help to allow more light to naturally flow through the office as opposed to blocking it off.

Choose a Flexible Layout with an Open Floor Plan

Startups don’t always have the same structure as corporate jobs, so the workspace may need to evolve and change each day. Allowing for an open, flexible space will grant the ability to make these changes as needed, whatever that may mean for you. The open space will also encourage employees to move around, interact with colleagues, and may lead to more brainstorming sessions and creativity.

Select Versatile Furniture Options

Multipurpose office furniture that is easily moved around helps with the flexible layout concept and appeal to employees as well. Footrests that can serve as an impromptu seat for a quick gathering, bean bag chairs in the meeting room, or portable laptop desks are all examples of things that fall into this category.

Pick Bright Colours

Various studies have been done on how colour impacts psychology. Using the right colours, like vibrant bright or rich tones can bring positivity and energy to your workplace. If you have a specific brand colour, using this throughout the space can help to create a cohesive look as well.

Provide a Quiet Work Space

If you opt for an open floor plan, you may wish to provide a quieter area for those who may get distracted by disruptions or conversations. It’s also excellent for individuals who need to focus on assignments, deadlines, or take calls.

Add Personal Touches

Allowing your employees to add personal touches to their office space helps to inspire them to perform well. Posters, pictures of their family, customized mugs, and even stationery organizers can make your staff feel more at home. Also, putting up art and photos in the office helps to make the space feel more welcoming to any clients you may have coming for meetings.

Carrocel Has Many Pieces of Office Furniture Available

If you’re in the market for furnishings for your startup company, visit the Carrocel furniture showroom. At 20,000 square-feet, you’ll be sure to find pieces to fill your space. These examples are just a small selection of what you will see when you come to our location at 245 Bridgeland Avenue in central Toronto:

Modern Smoked Glass and Stainless Steel Desk

  • Modern Smoked Glass and Stainless Steel DeskStainless steel X-base frame with two shelving units
  • Smoked glass tops each shelf and the desk
  • Modern Smoked Glass and Stainless Steel Desk

Jet Set Desk by Bernhardt

Pair of Barcelona Chairs

  • Pair of Barcelona ChairsBonded leather accent chair
  • Wide seat with button tufted details
  • Pair of Barcelona Chairs

Pair of Art Deco 1940s Restored Accent Chairs

  • Pair of Art Deco 1940s Restored Accent ChairsUpholstered in faux shagreen fabric with hues of silver and grey
  • Frame finished in ebonized lacquer and hand rubbed to a patina
  • Pair of Art Deco 1940s Restored Accent Chairs

Pair of Corner Polished Stainless Steel Etegeres

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