Custom Designer Furniture in Toronto and the GTA

Beauty and charm are incredibly personal preferences. The house you choose to live in and how you choose to furnish or decorate it are intimate decisions that are an expression of your lifestyle, taste and personality. If you have set your mind to a certain style of furniture that embodies your idea of beauty, be it a piece of art or a couch, it’s hard to think of substituting it for another option. Nothing compares to the fit and finish of an item of furniture specifically made for your home. This makes custom designer furniture the best way to actualize your unique vision, not to mention the many other benefits that come with custom designer furniture.

If you are looking for custom designer furniture in Toronto, look no further than Carrocel. For over 30 years, Carrocel has been regarded as one of the best designer furniture stores in Toronto, helping thousands of homeowners create unique and soulful spaces with our selection of one of a kind furniture pieces. Whether you are looking for living room, bedroom or dining room furniture, we can help you get exactly what you desire.

Custom Furniture Designs

Every piece of furniture in a home is valuable. It carries family memories and may signify some important life moments. However, any piece of furniture that is custom made, handmade by an artisan or made to order carries more value. These things represent an expression of one’s creativity, personality, desires and unique vision for their home.

At Carrocel, our expert craftsmen have the skills and wealth of experience to create your dream custom furniture pieces. Bring us your unique designs or look around our showroom in Toronto for inspiration. With our superior materials and exquisite craftsmanship, we can help you own designer furniture to suit your style and vision.

Custom is the Best Way to Get Quality Furniture

People decide to purchase custom furniture for many different reasons. However, quality is a huge part of that decision. Custom furniture is leaps and bounds above prefabricated box store furniture in many ways. This is not only on the basic construction but also in every detail. From the use of top tier fabric, sustainable wood to non-toxic stuffing and glue, the makers of custom furniture pay close attention to every aspect of the item. Quality translates to durability, and of course, this means that unique furniture is pricier than the prefabricated variety. However, think of it as a one-off investment in your quality of life.

5 Reasons to Invest in Custom Furniture

Other than quality, the following reasons make it worthwhile to invest in custom designer furniture.

Personalize Your Pieces

Prefabricated big box store furniture is made in large quantities and designed to appeal to the masses. A custom piece, on the other hand, is made to your specifications, taste, and preferences, allowing you to create a style that is unique to you.

Get More Value for Your Money

Custom furniture is more expensive than mass-produced items. However, you can rest assured that the quality and attention to detail on a mass-produced piece does not come close to a custom one. Not only do you have a wider choice of materials, but the materials are also of significantly higher quality, meaning the furniture lasts longer.

Create What You Want

Custom furniture gives you an incredible number of options to make the piece your own. You can choose the frame, coating, fabric filling, cushions and much more.

Unique Craftsmanship

As craftsmanship becomes an ever-rare skill, owning a handmade piece of furniture is a privilege. This creates a story and tradition that can be passed down to generations who will be in awe of such aspects as hand-tied spring coils.

Environmentally Friendly

As more people become environmentally conscious, we are more careful of the species of wood or wood we use to help you reflect a green way of living in your home.

Create Beautiful Custom Furniture with Carrocel

Achieve a unique and expressionistic home with our high-quality, custom designer furniture that reflects your unique taste and sense of style. Our artisans are passionately waiting to bring your designs and creations to life. Contact us today to learn more about our services, browse our online catalogue, or visit the Carrocel furniture store.

Pair of Modern Mid-Century Style Swivel Living Room Chairs

  • Pair of Modern Mid-Century Style Swivel Living Room ChairsExquisite designer beige velvet upholstery
  • Italian beige leather base
  • Pair of Modern Mid-Century Style Swivel Living Room Chairs

Custom Cannon Modern Porcelain Top Dining Table

Ralph Lauren Brook Street Chest in Cream

  • Ralph Lauren Brook Street Chest in CreamLuxuriously appealing three off white croc leather upholstered drawers
  • Polished chrome rope and tassel hardware
  • Ralph Lauren Brook Street Chest in Cream

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