Critical Must Know Aspects Of Interior Design

5 Critical Aspects You Must Know

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Interior design or decoration is a highly complex and sophisticated process. It goes beyond picking colours and materials and combining them in ways to suit your stylistic preferences.

Here are that 5 critical aspects of interior design to consider when decorating any space:

  • Balance – This focuses on the manner in which a room’s space is distributed. Too much or too little décor can make it appear off-balance. Interior decoration experts typically choose radial, symmetrical, or asymmetrical balance when designing the space. Traditional designs tend to use symmetrical balance. Modern style tends to veer towards the asymmetrical. Radial balance is generally used when the focal point is the center of the room.
  • Emphasis – The emphasis or the focal point naturally draws the eye to a particular area in your design space. This is your chance to make an impression. Note that rooms may have more than one area of emphasis, depending on how they are being used.
  • Unity -This is what brings everything in the room together. The designer may choose to repeat certain elements like colour or pattern to achieve this unity. Remember that too many competing elements can make a room feel unnecessarily busy or chaotic. So try to establish design that creates a purpose for everything in the room.
  • Proportion – Have you ever felt that a room was too crowded or had an empty feel to it? This might have been because the proportions (like furniture size or accessories) were off balance. It is important to bear in mind that the things you place in the space can make it seem too large or too small. So be careful with the sizing.
  • Movement – Interior designers consider the way the eye naturally moves around the room. Is there an easy flow or does it seem choppy and inconsistent? This is when physical movement also comes into play. For instance—is there too much furniture for the space?

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