Should You Reupholster Your Love Seat?

You adore your loveseat, but it just does not work in your home anymore. Whether the fabric is worn and torn or the style does not match your new design, sometimes reupholstering is all it takes to save the furniture you love. At Carrocel high end furniture store, we know that not all loveseats can be reupholstered. So, you need to know how to spot a reupholstering-worthy piece and also decide if it’s worth the cost and hassle to begin with.

Is Furniture Reupholstery Worth It?

You will want to compare the costs of replacing the loveseat versus using a furniture restoration service, like Carrocel high end furniture store. A brand new loveseat can cost anywhere from $300 to as much as $2,000 – depending on the style, brand and fabric. Reupholstery often costs a fraction of that, especially if all you need is a quick fabric change out.

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Even if the interior is worn out and needs new padding, the cost to add padding and reupholster the fabric on the exterior is still cheaper than replacing the entire loveseat. If the furniture piece is older, the wood is better built; therefore, it may be worth it to restore the furniture rather than replace it with a new piece.

Determining if Your Loveseat Can be Reupholstered

While you may adore that loveseat, not all pieces of furniture can be reupholstered. You will want to take a look at your furniture first and see if it is worth the hassle and cost of furniture restoration. Do this by:

  • Considering the AgeIf you have an antique piece of furniture, chances are it is made from high-quality materials and built to last. Also, if it is a rare piece, it is not something you can easily replace; therefore, restoring it would be more cost-effective than replacing it.
  • Springs If springs pop when you sit on the loveseat, it may be a sign the backboard is breaking. As long as the frame remains strong, springs can be replaced by furniture upholstery services.

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  • Sentimental Value If the piece is something that has been passed down from generation to generation, it is often something you want to keep – regardless of the price. If you bring it in to Carrocel high end furniture store, you know it will be restored skilfully so you can preserve that piece of family history.
  • Pick the Right FabricReupholstering furniture is a big investment. Take a few samples of fabric home and hold them up to the couch as well as the rest of your décor to make sure they work. Keep them there for a few days so you can see them in different light and make sure the swatch you choose is the one you will like years from now. The friendly staff at our showroom can help you choose.

Speak to the Leading Furniture Reupholstery Service in Toronto

The best way to tell if your piece is worth saving is by talking with an expert. Carrocel offers reupholstering and furniture restoration services for antique and modern furniture. We are known for quality products, skilled craftsmanship and stellar service.

If you need help with reupholstering your loveseat, contact us at 416-999-2525 for all your restoration needs.

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  • Kyle Winters says:

    There really are a lot of reasons why someone might choose or choose not to have their furniture reupholstered. However, I really like that you bring up sentimental value in the article as I feel that that is a big sticking point for a lot of people. After all, if the chair in question is tied to some pretty powerful memories for you then you might choose to have it reupholstered instead of replaced.

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