Fabric Trends For Autumn/Winter 2012

While changes in upholstery fabric trends are very subtle, designers work extremely hard to invoke a different feeling each season. This time around is no different!

Neutrals are used as the foundation for strong accent colours. Gray has continued to be a popular colour, as it acts as a great base for brighter colours in a variety of its shades. Brown is also a popular neutral, becoming more prevalent than a typical neutral such as black. The warm base of a chocolate brown acts as a great backdrop for dustier pinks and greens, or the bolder primary colours.

Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 9.23.59 AM

Palette by trendbible.co.uk

Palette by trendbible.co.uk

Palette by trendbible.co.uk


Interesting patterns are also used, with the use of custom patterns by designers becoming more possible through digital printing. Examples are paisleys, variegated stripes, and a strong botanical motif with tree silhouettes, leaves and florals.


Texture is also playing an important role this season, although it is in a more laid back kind of way. Velvets, wools and other fabrics give a feeling of luxury but are more subtle and soft. Another prevalent texture is leather, gaining inspiration from menswear this past season.

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