All Under One Roof

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A living room with vintage furniture

From concept to completion, Carrocel Interiors works closely with designers It can be tough on beginners who have yet to build a network; it can also be tough on experienced professionals who are having trouble finding just what they need. Understanding that challenge, the people at Carrocel Interiors give designers the tools and attention they […]

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What Wood to Use for Your Custom Furniture

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Expert Tips on Selecting Wooden Furniture At Carrocel, we have the pleasure of crafting our custom furniture masterpieces with some of the finest woods. This often makes it difficult to recommend a specific one when our clients ask for suggestions. Simply put, wood choice actually comes down to personal preference, the look you want to achieve for a particular room and even your budget. Nonetheless, here are some tips on how to select custom wooden furniture for your home. 3 Tips on Selecting Custom Wooden Furniture Types of wood: There are many exotic woods available and this can make your selection quite confusing. We recommend maple, oak, rosewood, Macassar ebony and beech-wood. In our experience, these are the best wood ...

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Interior Design Trends to Watch for in 2016

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Be Inspired by the Displays in Our Stylish Furniture Store Make 2016 the year of transforming your home décor. It’s easier and a lot more fun than many other New Year resolutions! Come to our interior design furniture store to see what’s in vogue. Our showroom has stunning displays incorporating the latest 2016 design trends to peak your interest and imagination. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be happy to discuss your decorating ideas. A home makeover doesn’t have to be a long and stressful process. You can make it an exciting experience with these useful tips. What’s In: Black metals are hot: From appliances to display pieces, accessories and furniture, black metals are making a huge comeback. Select furniture that ...

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All New Dining Room Chairs and Tables Just in Time for Your Family Holiday Feast

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Unique Pieces from Our Modern Furniture Store Chic dining tables and chairs are a worthwhile investment. Make a stylish and comfortable choice; it’s not every day that you buy dining room furniture. Come see the huge selection at our modern furniture store. We can help you make every meal and gathering a memorable experience. Enjoy the first of many family feasts with stylish pieces from Carrocel. How to Select Dining Tables Style: Personalize your dining room with your unique style. If you opt for the warm, traditional look, then solid wood is the ideal choice. Carrocel’s Custom Duncan Phyfe American Mahogany Banded Dining Table is versatile and will suit any kind of décor. Available in a custom finish of your ...

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Add a Beautiful Coffee or End Table to Your Living Room Furniture

December 17, 2015 BY Carrocel Interiors | 1 Comment on Add a Beautiful Coffee or End Table to Your Living Room Furniture

Come See Our Living Room Décor and Storage Ideas When selecting living room furniture, consider a beautiful coffee or end table too. Function aside, they will anchor your décor and showcase your style. Come to our showroom and see an amazing array of stunning living room décor ideas that incorporate unique coffee and end tables. Here are a few important points to keep in mind while selecting your tables. How do you intend to use the table? Is it purely for function, extra living room storage or would you like to show off your artsy side as well? What is the right size? This is typically determined by your other living room furniture like your sofa and accent chairs. Ideally, ...

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Choose a Theme for Your Bedroom

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Attractive Displays at Our Home Décor Store to Inspire You Looking for classy bedroom decorating ideas? Among the leading home décor stores in Toronto, Carrocel Interiors has a showroom full of ideas to inspire your creativity. Our team has a few handy tips on how to make your most intimate space sparkle. Tips on Selecting Bedroom Decorating Ideas Choosing a theme: It helps to have a theme for your room as it serves as a blueprint for selecting furniture, room colour and accessories. For instance, if you have settled on an Italian theme, then a pair of Black Lacquered Vintage Italian Leather Accent Chairs from Carrocel is a stylish choice. The vintage circa 1950 hand-carved Italian frames, satin black lacquer ...

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Update your Living Room with Accent Seating

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How to Redecorate with Fine Living Room Chairs Stylish living room chairs can take your décor from boring to glamorous in one master stroke. Redecorating the main room in your home doesn’t have to take forever. Our design experts have a single piece of advice—add modern or vintage living room accent seating to transform your space. Read their tips on how to select living room furniture that meets your style and wows your guests. Tips on Selecting Living Room Accent Seating A single piece can go a long way:Carrocel’s Custom Javier Accent Chair is a beautiful example. Show wood outlines the silhouette of the chair and flows through to a straight lightly tapered leg for visual appeal. Our custom Espresso ...

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How to Give Your Penthouse an Elegant yet Homey Feel

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Tips on Selecting Fine Penthouse Furniture Elegant penthouse furniture can help you decorate your cozy, luxury apartment with panache. Furnishing your home in the sky or a studio apartment is not without its challenges, and many are intimidated by the prospect of decorating a unique layout. Our design experts share simple tips that will take your décor to the next level of chic. Guidelines for Decorating Your Penthouse Go big in small spaces: Aim to make a visual impact with a few large items. Avoid smaller pieces which can create a cluttered and messy look. Use your seating as a jumping off point. Carrocel’s luxurious Custom Zebra Wood Deco Style Parlour Chairs are an excellent choice. They can be custom ...

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A Unique Chest of Drawers Can Add Instant Appeal to a Room

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How to Include it in Your Decorating Ideas Looking for simple living room and bedroom decorating ideas? Adding a unique chest of drawers can have a dramatic effect on your home décor. It’s the first thing that catches the eye as you enter a room and sets the tone for a stylish experience. To make it really special, choose an antique or vintage piece. Nothing is more charming than an ornate old chest that oozes historical charm. It infuses the living area with class and character while enveloping your bedroom with mystery and romance. The type of chest you select and where you place it impacts the success of your decoration ideas. Our décor experts have a few tips based ...

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2015 Winter Colour Design Trends for Your Home

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Easy Decorating Ideas Incorporating Colour, Texture and Fine Furniture Want to incorporate the latest design trends in your home décor? Our decorating experts have outlined these guidelines below. You’ll find that 2015 winter styles combine the old and new, stylish and comfortable, and natural colours with dramatic accents for an interesting look. Come and be inspired by the exciting displays at our luxurious showroom. We have lots of decorating ideas to ignite your creativity. A Quick Guide to Winter Design Trends We have broken down the high fashion speak into simple recommendations you will be able to easily incorporate into your living room and bedroom decorating ideas. You’ll notice that most of the colour choices were inspired by emotions, so ...

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Tips for Designing Your Home Office

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Style Your Workspace with Executive Home Office Furniture With the right home office furniture, you can take your workspace from dull and boring to inspiring and energetic. Our décor experts offer simple tips to help you achieve a quick and easy makeover that transforms your home office into a dream work environment. How to Design Your Home Office Choose the right location: Whether it is the den, the attic, basement or a space in your bedroom, living or family room; make sure it is an environment you will be able to work in. Determine your equipment and storage requirements: Think about a computer and printer, telephone, storage cabinets, bookcases, etc. Storage space will play an important role in the type, ...

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Reorganizing Furniture May Make You Love Your Space Again

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Creative Design Ideas for a Fresh, New Look Looking for fresh design ideas to give your space a stylish makeover? Sometimes all it takes is reorganizing furniture. Simply moving one or two pieces around the room, however, might not bring about the change you are looking for. The experts at Carrocel’s fine furniture store offer these decorating ideas to help you pull it off. 7 Easy Ways to Reorganize Your Bedroom, Living and Dining Room Furniture Pull furniture away from the wall: Start with the biggest pieces of furniture in the room, such as the bed, dining table, Baker Bradford Sofa or Ralph Lauren Server. Remember that they don’t always have to be positioned against the wall, especially if you ...

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Luxury Furniture to Make Your Home Stand Out

October 17, 2015 BY Carrocel Interiors | 6 Comments on Luxury Furniture to Make Your Home Stand Out

Decorating Ideas with Display Furniture The beauty of luxury furniture is that even a single piece can completely transform the look and feel of a room. It’s true! Come see our showroom displays for ideas and one-of-a-kind pieces. Our experienced staff will be happy to help you out. When looking for new decorating ideas, here’s a small piece of advice that could save you time and money. Find display furniture e.g. luxury cabinets, that will become the focal point of your design. Then rearrange some of the existing items and accessories around it. You will be amazed at the difference it will make. The Carrocel store in Toronto has luxury furniture from around the world for you to choose from. ...

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A New Desk Can Revitalize Your Office Space

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Give Your Home Office a Stylish Makeover Planning a home office makeover? A stylish new desk can create the perfect workspace and make a great impression on your clients and visitors. Our décor experts share a few ideas on how to decorate with home office furniture that is stylish, comfortable and productive. How to Add Style with Office Furniture Your desk is the central point of your home office. Think style and function as you make your choice. Whether you choose a vintage or modern desk will decide the mood and tone for the rest of your décor. Create a space you would love to work in. At Carrocel, we have plenty of options to suit your style. Decorate with ...

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Balance Makes a Room

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How to Incorporate Fine Living and Dining Room Furniture into Your Design Ideas Balance is key to the success of a creative design idea. This simply means creating the right harmony between room colour and texture as well as the scale of your furniture (living, dining or bedroom) and accessories. It’s important to get your decorating fundamentals right. Tips on Achieving Balance in Your Decorating Ideas The design experts at Carrocel are happy to share these decorating guidelines to help you out. Start with the focal point: Stand back and observe where your eye will go as you enter the room. It could be a large wall, the fireplace or a huge picture window. This is the focal point around ...

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