Carrocel’s Range of American Designer Furniture

Designer Furniture and Why Homeowners Should Give It Serious Consideration

Consumers are inundated on a daily basis with advertisements that encourage them to shop for designer label products such as clothing, personal accessories, and even automobiles; in fact, in the fashion world, there are entire shopping malls devoted to designer name stores. And when people think of these designer names, it will often invoke notions of luxury items; but what may take a back seat to the aura of the name/label itself is any notion of quality.

Many of these same consumers may not be aware that the term designer is also applicable in the furniture market. In this context, designer furniture collections refer to pieces and/or sets created by an individual person or company and which have a style that is deemed to be very fashionable/contemporary in nature.

Those who do have an awareness that designer furniture is a possible option may be under the impression that it is very expensive and not particularly comfortable; perhaps this stems from a personal experience with designer label fashions when an item was purchased for its name and price tag instead of how well it actually fit?

Indeed, most designer furniture available in high-end furniture stores in Toronto and across Canada for that matter will cost more than mass-produced pieces and sets – but all for good reason. Shoppers looking for new furniture for their homes may want to give some serious consideration to designer creations, as any such pieces and sets can offer the following:

  • Comfort
  • Elegance
  • Personality
  • Functionality
  • Solid Construction
  • Enduring Performance

Toronto residents who are contemplating the practicality of designer furniture for their home might want to visit the Carrocel fine furniture showroom, located at 245 Bridgeland Avenue near Yorkdale Mall, to view their current collection of exquisite American Designer Furniture. Such a visit will also present an opportunity to consult with experienced representatives who can share their insight on the range and quality of their line of American designer furniture.

An Original Selection of American Designer Furniture Built with the Utmost Quality

On the subject of quality, the team from Carrocel fine furniture is proud to offer residents of Toronto and area an original selection of designer furniture that will make them the envy of any friends/family who visit their home. The superior quality of Carrocel’s designer sets and pieces is founded on an unwavering commitment to deliver the following in each and every item of furniture available to their customers:

  • Breathtaking beauty
  • Exquisite craftsmanship
  • The finest choices of materials
  • Daily functionality and long-term durability

A cross-section of the range of American designer furniture now on display in the Carrocel showroom is reflected in the following:

American Designer Center TableAmerican Designer Cannes DeskAmerican Designer Walnut ServerAmerican Designer Chest of Drawers
American Designer One Fifth Dining TableMayfair Salon Sofa by American DesignerPair of Cerused Oak Etageres by American DesignerEdwardian Brass Cocktail Table by American Designer

To view more of this impressive collection of designer furniture currently available from the Carrocel fine furniture store in Toronto, see our Product Catalogue page.

Add comfort and elegance to the décor of your home with American designer furniture from Carrocel, one of Toronto’s leading high-end furniture stores. Call the specialists at Carrocel fine furniture today at 647-694-4683 or Contact us to book a no-obligation consultation on the designer pieces that will best suit your needs and personality.

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