How Your Choice of Interior Design Can Reflect or Affect Your Mood and Emotions

How Interior Design Reflects Your Mood and Accentuates Your Luxury Furniture

Most people can recall a situation when they visited a store, restaurant, office, or the home of a friend or relative for the first time and were taken aback by the furniture and/or décor. In some cases, their initial impression may have been that of a bland or sterile environment and at other times they may have felt overwhelmed or overpowered by what they observed.

Whether their reaction fell at one end of this spectrum or the other, one aspect would have been rather consistent – the choice of interior design had a significant impact on their mood and emotions during their visit; and in many instances, they would not have hesitated to tell less-than-complimentary stories about those experiences to other people at a later date.

The choice of interior design, that is, the interior decoration of rooms or buildings can have a dramatic effect on mood and emotion, not only for visitors but for the occupants too. And it can either accentuate or nullify the aesthetic appeal of any modern luxury furniture that has been acquired for that space as well.

When decorating any interior, it is recommended that colour selections be made in groups of three, as follows:

  • Neutral – for larger areas (walls, floors)
  • Calmer – for sturdy pieces (luxury furniture)
  • Bolder – for statement accessories/furnishings

The specific choice of colour can have a vastly different affect in terms of the mood it can create and the emotions it can portray; here is a summary of the implications as well as the potential applications of 10 different colour options, listed in alphabetical order by colour:

  • Black: symbolizes the assertion of power – should be reserved for statement pieces
  • Blue: fresh and calm feelings – ideal for kitchens and bathrooms (high traffic areas)
  • Brown: for a relaxing, natural experience; best in areas where friends/family gather
  • Gray: a sense of relaxation and tranquillity – in bathrooms or perhaps a home office
  • Green: offers soothing qualities – use in entrances to move from outdoors to indoors
  • Orange: can produce a jolt of energy – should be held in reserved for accent pieces
  • Purple: lends an aura of luxury and sophistication – living rooms or bedroom setting
  • Red: a symbol of power and passion – will enhance that room’s warmth and intimacy
  • White: reflects cleanliness/purity – defines a space but could be too sterile on its own
  • Yellow: happy, cheerful, and peaceful colour; used in spaces with lots of natural light

As suggested above, the right choices of colours, in the right combination, can accentuate the luxury furniture in any office or living space; but the selection of that furniture is equally important, if not more important, than the surrounding décor.

That is why discriminating shoppers looking for luxury furniture in Toronto may want to pay a visit to the 20,000 square-foot showroom in the Carrocel fine furniture store, located at 245 Bridgeland Avenue near the Yorkdale Mall. Visitors to this showroom will be able to see and appreciate an exquisite selection of luxury furniture brands to suit all tastes and needs.

A cross-section of currently-available luxury pieces in the Carrocel fine furniture store are:

Gold Gilt End TablesHow Your Choice of Interior Design Can Reflect or Affect Your Mood and EmotionsRupert Cocktail Table in BlackBernhardt Brass Cube Side Tables
Burled Wood and Green Glass Nesting TablesSet of Ten Carrocel Custom Blue Parsons ChairsPair of Art Deco Lounge Chairs in Dark Purple LeatherPair of Boomerang Chairs in Mint Green Patterned Leather

Visit the Carrocel Showroom for additional insight on the impressive inventory available from Carrocel, one of the leading luxury furniture stores in Toronto.

Luxury Furniture and Accents Accessible via Carrocel’s Designer Trade Program

When Toronto residents are looking for modern luxury furniture and accents for their homes or offices, they could choose to work with accredited interior designers; in turn, they might want to encourage these professionals to investigate the Designer Trade Program offered by Carrocel fine furniture. In addition to having immediate access to the latest luxury furniture and accessories, these specialists can also benefit from preferred pricing to help achieve the look they want for their clients’ living or work spaces.

There are no fees for interior designers to participate in Carrocel’s Designer Trade Program, and qualification is based on the following three requirements:

  • Proof of affiliation with a professional organization in the Design/Build/Staging industry
  • Certification or accreditation as a currently-active professional in this field (HST number)
  • A business card or an example of official company letterhead

Additional information on the Carrocel Designer Trade Program and its membership process can be obtained by going to our Designer Trade Program page.

Want to learn more about choosing and accentuating luxury furniture for your home or your office? Call the specialists at Carrocel, one of the leading luxury furniture stores in Toronto, at 416-999-2525 today or Contact us to request a complimentary consultation at your leisure.

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