Interior Design Trends for 2017

Top Interior Design Ideas in Furniture, Colours, Fabrics, and Accessories for 2017

As winter draws to its close and sunshine seems to make more regular appearances, people might not just feel that the days are getting warmer and brighter but they also tend to have more energy for a variety of activities. Many are anxious to renew their spring maintenance rituals, such as preparing lawns and gardens, cleaning out the garage, and taking the patio furniture out of storage; others want to get their softball gloves and cleats ready for action.

But this particular time of year has also been known to inspire home interior design ideas for many homeowners; after a long and bitter winter, making changes to their home décor can not only be refreshing but also out-and-out therapeutic. And upon reflection, this may be a reason why many an interior design show is held in the January-February timeframe.

It has been said that a change may be just as good as a vacation – except that any changes usually last longer and likely cost less in the long run. However, for many home and condo owners looking to modify or upgrade their interior design concepts, their uncertainty about the styles, colours, trends, etc. that are currently in vogue can often be a limiting factor, to the extent that they choose not to take any action at all.

To help alleviate such concerns, the professionals from Carrocel fine furniture are pleased to offer the following reflections on some of the top interior design ideas anticipated for 2017:

  • Choices of Furniture:
    • Unique pieces (antique, hand-crafted, custom designs) are making a resurgence
    • There will be more emphasis on well-constructed pieces i.e. investment purchases
  • Wall and Rug Colours:
    • Green – will be strong once again, across the full spectrum from lime to emerald
    • Grays – prominent in both 2016 and 2017; complementary to a full range of hues
    • Muted Colours – neutrals (whites, pinks, beige, camel) will be preferred over bolds
  • Fabrics and Materials:
    • Adding texture is becoming an important aspect in modern interior design concepts
    • Evidence of this feature will be visible in furniture pieces, accessories, and wallpapers
    • Mixed fabrics (with tropical print patterns, simple lines, and triangles) will be popular
  • Metals and Combination Pieces:
    • Bronze is seen as a classic material that can complement several decorating styles
    • Bronze also offers considerable flexibility for use in lamps/lighting and accessorizing
    • Combination of brass and marble offers kitchens and baths a clean and natural look
  • Lighting:
    • Unusual-looking fixtures will provide a unique combination of functionality and style

When home or condo owners in Toronto are intent on incorporating some of these interior design trends into their living space, they might search or read through interior design blogs and interior design magazines to help stimulate the creative process; others may choose to engage the knowledge and experience of professional Toronto-based interior designers.

Many of these modern interior design trends can also be seen in the impressive inventory currently on display in the 20,000 square-foot showroom of Carrocel fine furniture, centrally located at 245 Bridgeland Avenue near Yorkdale Mall in Toronto. Visitors to this showroom will have the opportunity to view and appreciate a splendid collection of furniture, fabrics, materials, and accessories that are all in keeping with the top interior design ideas for 2017; some specific examples within this collection include:

Green Furniture

Burled Wood and Green Glass Nesting TablesPair of Distressed Metal Cylinder End TablesPair of Boomerang Chairs in Mint Green Patterned Leather

Marble Furniture

Gold Gilt End TablesOriginal Art Deco Vanity with Marble TopArt Deco Vanity with Black Marble TopMahogany Marble Top Chest CabinetModern Marble Top Side TableMarble Top Brass Side Table
Pair of 20th Century Marble Top Neoclassical Gueridon Parlour End Tablesinterior design trends for 2017Delicate Hexagonal Marble Accent TablePair of Concave Front Neoclassical Chests with White Marble TopsMarble Top ChestMarble Top Design

For additional insight on the extensive selection of inventory currently available in Carrocel’s showroom, please visit the Carrocel Showroom.

Carrocel’s Designer Trade Program Provides Access to 2017 Interior Design Ideas

Toronto residents who decide to work with accredited interior designers may want to direct these professionals to contact Carrocel fine furniture in order to discuss the latter’s Designer Trade Program. In addition to having immediate access to the latest interior design trends in furniture, fabrics, and accessories, these specialists can also take advantage of preferred pricing to help them create the look they want for their clients.

There is no cost for interior designers to participate in the Carrocel Designer Trade Program, and membership is based on just three basic requirements:

  • Proof of affiliation with a professional organization in the Design/Build/Staging industry
  • Certification/accreditation as an active professional in the field (can be an HST number)
  • A business card or official company letterhead

More information on the Carrocel Designer Trade Program and the membership process may be obtained by visiting our Designer Trade Program page.

Interested in learning more about the top interior design ideas in 2017 for furniture, fabrics, and accessories? Call the professionals at Carrocel fine furniture today at 416-999-2525 or Contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation at your convenience. We also invite you to visit our 20,000 square-foot showroom on Bridgeland Avenue near the Yorkdale Mall in Toronto to browse our exquisite collection at your leisure.

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