Modern Furniture and Décor for Your Home Office

Modern Furniture and Décor is Essential to Creating the Right Home Office Setting

Modern Brass and Parchment Writing DeskThere can be little disagreement that advances in the use of computer systems and wireless communication have impacted the way in which business is conducted today compared to a generation ago. Such technology allows businesses to operate around the clock on a global basis, and often without any direct or in-person interaction with their clients; in many cases, possession of a personal computer or hand-held device plus access to the internet seems to be the norm for effecting transactions instead of having a client visit an actual store/office.

Custom Modern Black Lacquered Deco Console TableAnother significant outcome from the implementation of these technological advances is the proliferation of home offices; that is, individuals who work from their homes rather than in a formal office or business environment. This is a welcome opportunity for many people, as it can reduce travel times and occupation-related expenses while maximizing their efficiency and productivity, provided they have the self-discipline to actually work while in their home.

Mid Century Walnut Demilune DeskMany individuals who work remotely will attest to the importance of establishing a dedicated office space within the home; and although they might be wearing sweat pants and slippers while they work, this lends an atmosphere of formality and professionalism to the situation. This businesslike atmosphere can in turn be achieved through the choice of executive office furniture and décor for that dedicated space.

Modern Polished Nickel and Brushed Steel Table or DeskIf it looks like an office, the home-based employee will likely be more motivated to work as if they are in a traditional work setting; this means acquiring modern office furniture, such as a proper home office desk and office chair, storage cabinets, and bookcases, rather than settling for an old kitchen chair, a folding table, and a pile of cardboard boxes respectively.

Modern Upholstered Lounge ChairIn addition to acquiring their office furniture, Toronto residents who are home-based should also commit an adequate amount of attention to their home office design; this will include taking into consideration any additional furniture pieces or accessories that may be needed with respect to the following:

  • Hosting client meetings
  • Setting up office equipment
  • Ample storage/filing capacity
  • Lighting – natural and artificial
  • Décor – floor, walls, and windows

Modern Linen Wrapped Chest with Decorative Nail TrimWhen establishing their home office environments, remote-based employees can satisfy any and all of the above needs by visiting the Carrocel fine furniture store showroom, located at 245 Bridgeland Avenue near the Yorkdale Mall in Toronto. Carrocel offers a vast selection of modern office furniture and accessories to accommodate the work-from-home requirements for those who are self-employed or individuals who have a remote-office arrangement with their respective employer.

An Impressive Selection of Modern Office Furniture and Décor Accessories

Modern Linen Wrapped CabinetThe Carrocel fine furniture store showroom includes 20,000 square feet of floor space with a striking collection of modern office furniture on full display. Individuals looking to establish an executive home office can address their furniture and décor needs by choosing from an impressive inventory that consists of the following, in a variety of styles and construction:

  • Office Desks
  • Office Chairs
  • Accent Seating
  • Console/Side Tables
  • Bookcases/Wall Units
  • Étagères and Cabinets
  • Pedestals and Ottomans
  • Lighting, Mirrors, Area Rugs

Examples of the modern office furniture that can be seen in the Carrocel showroom include:

For a more complete appreciation of Carrocel’s modern office furniture portfolio currently on display in their showroom, please visit our Office Furniture page.

For professional insight and assistance in the selection of furniture and accessories to equip your executive home office, Call the modern office furniture specialists from Carrocel today at 416-999-2525 or Contact us for a complimentary consultation. At your convenience, you are also welcome to browse our vast collection of home office desks, chairs, cabinets, accessories, and more, all on display in our 20,000 square-foot Toronto showroom near the Yorkdale Mall.

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