High-End Dining Room Furniture – Tables, Chairs, and More

A Wide Range of Options and Decisions When Buying High-End Dining Room Furniture

High-End Dining TablesIf surveyed, most homeowners will most likely admit that a majority of their meals, whether taken alone or with family members, are usually consumed in their kitchen; whether seated at the kitchen table or a breakfast bar or standing at an island counter, the prospects of having their breakfast, lunch, and supper in this room every day will far outweigh the probability of using their dining room with any degree of regularity.

Yet there is something special about enjoying a meal in the aura afforded by the dining room. Whether an intimate dinner for two, a family gathering to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, or an evening spent with friends, the ambience of these occasions can be augmented if they are held in the dining room rather than the kitchen.

Of course, the duration of these occasions is usually considerably longer than the amount of time needed to consume a bowl of cereal and a piece of toast in the morning; and this means remaining seated, in a relaxed and comfortable fashion, for an extended period of time.

Often however, homeowners and their family members may be deterred from using their dining room if the furniture, particularly the style of the dining room chairs, is:

  • Outdated
  • Mismatched
  • Uncomfortable
  • Too large/imposing
  • Too elaborate/ornate

Fortunately, these situations can be resolved by acquiring elegant new dining room chairs or a complete suite of high-end dining room furniture that will serve several purposes, including:

  • Comfort
  • Aesthetics
  • Functionality
  • Lasting Quality

If homeowners opt to replace their existing dining room furniture entirely, including the table, chairs, buffets, cabinets, consoles, etc., they will need to make pivotal choices in relation to:

High-End Dining Room Furniture Style

High-End Dining Room Furniture Construction

  • Wood
  • Leather
  • Upholstered

If upgrading only their current dining room chairs is a preferred course of action, homeowners can select from any number of designs; the most popular options would include:

High-End Dining Room Chair Designs

  • Arm Chairs – a formal look at the head and foot of the dining table
  • Side Chairs – casual to formal; countless style/construction options
  • Parsons – simple lines; fully upholstered chairs; for any dining room
  • Wingback – wings on the sides of the backrest; usually upholstered
  • Ladder Back – evenly-spaced horizontal slats across the chair backs
  • Slat Back – similar to ladder back with vertical versus horizontal slats
  • Cross Back – essentially an open back except for an X-shaped pattern
  • Lattice Back – backrest has a geometric pattern e.g. square, diamond
  • Queen Anne – elegant dining room chairs/furniture, with carved details
  • Windsor – vintage style – spindle legs, half-circle back with vertical rods
  • Mission/Shaker – wood dining chairs; simple, straight lines, no extra details

There is certainly a wide range of options to consider when buying new high-end dining room chairs or furniture sets, with many important decisions also to be made. To help homeowners in their decision-making process, the Carrocel fine furniture showroom, located on Bridgeland Avenue near Yorkdale Mall in Toronto, offers a 20,000 square-foot showroom where buyers can browse and compare an exquisite selection of luxury dining chairs for sale from vintage to modern/contemporary styles as well as top brands of high-end dining room sets from leading furniture manufacturers.

High-End Dining Room Chairs and Furniture Are Not Defined by Expensive Price Tags

When homeowners hear words like high-end and luxury used to describe a set of dining chairs or dining room furniture, they may interpret these terms in direct correlation to the cost, i.e. meaning expensive. But this latter term merely relates to a number, a dollar figure, that does not reflect the true essence of high-end furniture, which includes such characteristics as:

  • Visual Appeal
  • Quality Workmanship
  • The Finest of Materials
  • Comfort, Functionality, Durability

A few examples of the high-end dining chairs now on display in Carrocel’s showroom include:

Set of Six Modern Hollywood ArmchairsSet of Eight Carrocel Custom Clark Dining ChairsSet of Ten Round Black Lacquered Dining ChairsSet of Four Vintage Italian Brass Side Chairs

Commonly Asked Questions about Buying Dining Room Furniture

How Do I Decorate a Dining Room?

Decorating a dining room is about functionality and personal preferences. For a large dining room, you may want to visually divide the space into smaller sections by using screens and rugs. A cozy paint colour, heavy drapes, and oversized dining room furniture could also help. The aim is to make the space feel inviting. For a smaller space, you can open it up by using colours that make the room seem bigger. Having some mirrors or reflective surfaces might help but avoid unnecessary décor.

What Style Base is Perfect for Dining Room Furniture?

There are three styles of table bases: leg, pedestal, and trestle. Each is unique in its form and benefits.

Leg: this is the most classic and provides plenty of legroom.

Pedestal: ideal for round tables and provides the most legroom.

Trestle: exudes a sense of dignity and grandeur to the space and makes the dining table a statement piece. Legroom can become an issue due to its design.

How Do I Properly Space Chairs around the Dining Table?

The ideal spacing is 24” between the center points of two adjacent dining room chairs. The back of your chairs should sit at least three inches above the tabletop, although many experts recommend five inches.

How Wide Should a Dining Room Table Be?

It depends on the size of your dining room. However, the minimum recommended size for a dining room table is 40”, which allows for proper place settings. On the other hand, regardless of how big your dining room is, your dining room table should not be wider than 54-60” as it would make it difficult to talk and hear others around the table.

For a more complete appreciation of the luxury dining chairs currently for sale in the Carrocel furniture store.

Enhance the comfort and the elegance of your at-home meals and entertaining with a new high-end dining room chair set or complete suite from Carrocel fine furniture, one of Toronto’s leading furniture stores. Call the experts at Carrocel fine furniture at 416-999-2525 today or Contact us to book a no-obligation consultation on the furniture style, construction, and design that will best suit your needs and your dining room.

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