What are Organic Modern Style Interiors?

When it comes to interior design, new styles are constantly emerging. One of the latest is organic modern – a look combining contemporary style with natural elements for a light, airy, inviting atmosphere. The following is a brief guide about this increasingly popular look and how you can incorporate it into your home.

What is Organic Modern Style?

Organic modern style is a unique blend of contemporary and natural elements, with a slight nod to Scandinavian-style minimalism. This look is all about achieving a balance between clean lines and organic shapes in order to create an inviting atmosphere that is still modern and stylish.

5 Essential Elements of Organic Modern Style

The following are the five main elements of the organic modern style:

  • Neutral and Discreet Colours: The organic modern look is usually dominated by neutral tones, like white, off-white, cream, and gray. These neutral tones help contrast the natural elements, creating a minimalist yet inviting feel.
  • An Uncluttered Space: The organic modern look is all about keeping things light and airy, so it’s important to keep clutter to a minimum. This will help create an open feeling in your space and highlight the natural elements you choose to use.
  • Furniture With Clean Lines: The furniture you choose should draw inspiration from the Scandinavian style and have straight, simple lines. This will create a modern feel that’s clean and visually pleasing. The lack of fussiness will also allow the natural elements of your decor to truly stand out and will contribute to creating an uncluttered atmosphere.
  • Greenery and Nature: Greenery is an essential part of the organic modern look. Use plants, flowers, or other natural elements to soften the straight lines and create a warm atmosphere. The pop of colour that the plants bring to the room looks great, especially against a neutral-coloured background.
  • Layered Natural Textures: To create a truly inviting space, you should incorporate layered natural textures. This can be achieved by adding wool rugs, woven baskets, and other textured accessories that will give the room an organic feel without being overly busy. The use of stone and wood accents can also help to bring in a natural texture.

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