The Best Upholstery Fabrics for High-End Dining Chairs

Your dining room chairs should be visually attractive to create an alluring atmosphere and memorable experience for your guests. Upholstered dining chairs not only offer comfort but will enhance the overall look of your dining room. The fabric you choose for your custom dining chairs will determine their appearance, durability, and longevity.

Ideally, you want to choose a fabric that is resistant to stains, durable, and easily cleaned. It should also offer diverse textures or colours that suit your home’s décor. No matter the material or design of your dining chair, we will provide insight into the various upholstery materials to choose from.

Ideal Best Fabrics for High-End Chairs


Velvet has been used for centuries and is prominent in royal castles. The elegant look and sophistication makes it an aesthetically pleasing option for any home. You can find velvet in a variety of colours and patterns, making it a perfect choice to suit your taste and preferences. It is also resistant to pilling or shrinkage, allowing it to stand up to regular use.


If you are looking for a fabric that will enhance the aesthetic value of your dining furniture, lampas is the ideal choice. Lampas is similar to brocade and gives a fresh look to upholstered furnishings. It is processed using numerous wefts and two warps. As a result, its unembroidered side is covered in a tangled web of threads, making it recognizable instantly.

Wool and Linen

Linen and wool are natural materials that give custom dining chairs an elegant appearance. However, they are often underutilized. By using linen or wool, your chairs will have a certain warmth and lightness that you will cherish whenever you are using them.


Cotton is a natural fibre that is ideal for upholstering dining room chairs. It gives your furniture pieces a soft and fresh touch. ‘Sea Island’ cotton is the most valuable type, owing to its long silky fibres that produce incredibly refined fabrics. Cotton fabric is ideal for dining room furniture because of its design versatility and availability in various patterns and colours.


High-end dining chairs upholstered using satin sparkle with a refined lustre and sparkle. Satin fabric is uniformly woven and has a very smooth and shiny appearance. It comes in a variety of colours and embroidered prints that can blend with your existing décor. Satin can be used for any look, whether contemporary or classic.


Brocade is one of the most valuable fabrics that will enhance the aesthetic value of your dining chairs. It has a textured and smooth surface that is soft to touch. It also features an intricate texture that incorporates threads and inlays, creating beautiful designs. Brocade designs are ideal for modern furniture pieces that include floral patterns, linear patterns, swirls, and arabesques.


Damask is different from satin because of its unique texture and alluring shine. The main difference between satin and damask is that only the brightest side of satin is displayed, while both sides of damask are equally processed. You can give your high-end dining chairs an opulent and refined touch by upholstering them with damask fabric.

Faux Leather

Faux leather is an excellent upholstering material ideal for custom dining chairs. Faux leather is durable and will last for a long time. Furthermore, it is not prone to cracking or peeling like genuine leather. It is stain-resistant and will not fade from the sun. Although faux leather goes through the same tanning process as leather, it is a more environmentally friendly material. It also looks great and has a smooth texture and consistency.


Choose vinyl if you want a fabric resistant to sun damage and fading. Vinyl is also easy to clean with a damp cloth and does not stain easily. It comes in styles mimicking leather, ornate embossed styles, and textured woven options in solid colours. Vinyl is highly cost-effective and durable. However, it may experience rips, tears, or cracking if it dries out.

How to Choose the Best Upholstery Fabric

If you are not familiar with the world of upholstery, picking suitable fabric for your high-end dining chairs may feel like an arduous process. With the many fabric options, designs, and colours available, making a choice is difficult. To choose the right fabric for your dining furniture, you need to consider a few factors. These tips will help you make the right stylistic choices.

Evaluate Your Furnishing Concept

Before choosing the upholstery fabric for your custom dining chairs, you must determine your furnishing concept. Knowing your furnishing concept will dictate the type of fabric that you choose for your dining room. Some materials are perfect for a contemporary or modern look, while others, prints, and patterns, are ideal for classic furnishing. Knowing your furnishing concept will help you make an informed decision.

Choose Fine Fabrics with a Refreshing Texture

When choosing fine fabrics for your high-end dining chairs, consider the texture. You can utilize texture to create the ideal design style for your dining room. Tactile perception and visual impact are the major characteristics of superior quality fabrics suited for stylish and luxurious spaces. You can play around with the way fabric texture interacts with light to allow you to add extra depth and character. Different textures will diffuse, absorb, or reflect light in a unique manner.

Satin and silk have lustrous characteristics that enable them to reflect light rays within a space producing the effect of a lighter room. These fabrics will make your room look lighter and offer a vivid, deep colour since they can hold a larger amount of dye saturation. You can also use rougher textures to give a feeling of warmth. When you need more light for your dining room, choose reflective fabrics. For a comfier or darker environment, select materials that absorb light.

Decide the Fabric Colour

To choose the suitable fabric for your custom dining chairs, you need to consider the colour palette of your dining room. This will help you choose fabric colours that blend in perfectly. Based on your dining room setting, the fabric colour can help complement your interior décor, draw the eye to a specific area, and even make a bold statement regarding the mood or feel you want to create. For those that want to add some touch of contrast, ensure you choose colours or shades that are more sophisticated. You can also use a combination of fabrics or patterns to create a striking and unique piece that offers a more lasting appeal to your high-end dining chairs.

Dining Room Chair Fabric Ideas

When selecting the perfect upholstery fabric for dining chairs, there are various creative routes you can take to ensure both functionality and style. Here are some ideas to consider:

Finding New Upholstery Fabric for Your Dining Room Chairs

Choosing the right fabric is crucial for both the aesthetics and longevity of your dining chairs. Look for materials that complement your dining room’s decor while offering durability and ease of cleaning. Fabrics such as microfiber, leather, and polyester blends are popular for their resilience against spills and regular wear.

Breaking Away from the Ordinary

Don’t be afraid to choose bold patterns or vibrant colours that stand out. Striking upholstery can turn your dining chairs into focal points and add a lively element to your dining room. Experimenting with textures and patterns can also elevate the overall design aesthetic.

Select Long-Lasting Materials

If your dining furniture is used often, it may be worth looking into some high-performance fabric options. These materials are often pre-treated to help prevent staining, making them perfect for your dining room. When choosing one for your chairs, look for an option with a high rub count. The higher the rub count, the more resilient the fabric is and the more likely it will withstand heavy traffic without fraying, tearing, or wearing.

Keeping it Neutral

On the other hand, opting for neutral tones can create a sense of calm and sophistication. Neutral upholstery is versatile and can easily adapt to various dining room styles and colour schemes. It also tends to show less wear over time, making it a practical choice for frequently used dining chairs.

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