Show Off Your New Buffet Table at the Easter Brunch

Dos and Dont’s for Furniture Reupholstery

Want to make a lasting impression on your guests this Easter? Add a stylish buffet table (also known as sideboard cabinets) to your vintage furniture. We have a number of beautiful pieces from around the world that would make an elegant addition to your home. Our friendly and knowledgeable showroom staff will be happy to find the right match. No matter which one you select, it’s guaranteed to draw admiring glances at every gathering in your home.

Tips for Selecting a Buffet Table to Suit Your Vintage Furniture

Choosing a buffet table that will complement the vintage furniture you already have can be challenging. The experts at Carrocel offer these simple tips to help you pick the perfect piece.

  • Carrocel Custom Antique Danish Style CommodeSize: Selecting the size right is important. A large piece will overcrowd a small room while a small one may get lost in a large space. Choose a size in proportion to the available space as well as the other custom designed furniture in your living or dining room.
  • Purpose: Think about how you intend to use the piece. Showcasing your crystal, for instance, would require a buffet sideboard with a display area, i.e. glass cabinetry on the top. A simple sideboard on the other hand would be ideal if you are just looking to serve food and/or store additional plates and cutlery.
  • Vintage Kindel CommodeStyle: There are so many buffet table styles available that it can make your choice quite confusing. If you want to stick to a vintage theme, our Antique Danish Style Commode Buffet or Vintage Kindel Commode might be ideal. If you prefer to mix the styles, our Ralph Lauren Metropolis Modern Sideboard Cabinet or French Hand Polished Rosewood Art Deco Buffet could become the perfect accompaniment to your vintage furniture. If it’s a real showstopper that you want, then our Modern Sideboard or Macassar Greek Key Buffet are clear winners!
  • Ralph Lauren Metropolis Modern Sideboard Cabinet
  • French Hand Polished Rosewood Art Deco Buffet
  • Golden Madrone Modern Sideboard
  • Macassar Greek Key Buffet

Many homeowners also use our buffets and sideboards as a chic storage option in the foyer or hallway. Some others may substitute it for an island in their kitchen. You don’t need to feel restricted and limit it to your living or dining room. There are so many decorating possibilities. Our displays will inspire you—come take a look.

Style and Quality—Custom Designed Furniture

Carrocel-Showroom-Original-Vintage-Art-Deco-BuffetVisit the breathtaking Carrocel showroom in Toronto for unique modern and vintage furniture to dress up your home. For over 30 years, our original and timeless selection of custom designed furniture has been enhancing the homes and lifestyles of our customers.

To check out our wide variety of modern and vintage pieces, please visit our furniture store. Call us at 416-999-2525 or contact us online for more information.

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