See the Reinspired Vintage Furniture Now Available in the Carrocel Showroom

A Unique and Enticing Inventory of Vintage Furniture in Our Toronto Store Showroom

If there is a common lament heard among today’s consumers, it is the fact that they invest their hard-earned money in products that they expect to last, only to be disappointed in the quality and/or the performance of those goods.  There are indeed countless stories of new appliances, electronic devices, power tools/equipment, and other items that did not satisfy buyer expectations, and to make matters worse, did not qualify under any warranty policies.

Sometimes, the above scenario can apply to furniture purchases, too; what looked good in an online catalogue or in a store showroom did not fulfill its promise after it was delivered to the buyer’s residence or in some cases assembled by the Toronto homeowners themselves.  This in turn has led many people to long for the days when quality in manufacturing was emphasized above mass production, profitability, and convenience.

This yearning for superior workmanship and optimal return on investment has been one of the motivating factors behind the recent revival of vintage furniture should your buying preferences include individuality over quantity and enduring value when you spend any appreciable sums of money, you will certainly find appeal in the reinspired collection of vintage furniture now in our store.

Our current inventory of restored and revitalized vintage furniture, on display in our 20,000 square-foot showroom, combines the knowledge and skills of our creative team and artisans with modern design trends to bring new life to these pieces – while maintaining the unique appeal and durability of their original construction.

When you visit our impressive furniture store showroom, it will immediately become evident that this combination of skill and experience has created one of the most, if not the most, unique and enticing vintage product inventories among all furniture stores across Toronto.

Beautifully-Revived and Modernized Vintage Furniture by Carrocel’s Skilled Artisans

Speaking of enticing, here are but a few examples of reinspired vintage furniture currently available for sale in the Carrocel fine furniture store showroom; these pieces and sets have been beautifully revived and modernized by our skilled artisans, and are presented below in an overt effort to tantalize you and your family to visit our store in Toronto at your leisure:

Vintage Italian Zanuso-Style Purple Parlor Chairs (1970s)

Mid-Century Modern Leather Daybed (1970s)

  • Mid-Century Modern Leather DaybedCustom upholstered in a distressed brushed motif Italian leather; made in USA
  • Features three sleek chrome legs and a bolster cushion for comfort and support
  • Mid-Century Modern Leather Daybed

Mid-Century Modern Egg Settee (1970s)

  • Mid-Century Modern Egg SetteeA perfectly balanced settee, custom upholstered in a neutral-cream fabric
  • Two sleek chrome legs for maximum support; three proportioned seat cushions
  • Mid-Century Modern Egg Settee

Mid-Century Modern Lounge Chair with Ottoman (1960s)

Modern Italian-Style Zanuso Mahogany and Glass Bar Cart (1960s)

  • Modern Italian-Style Zanuso Mahogany and Glass Bar CartDistinctive design includes two glass levels and metal caster feet
  • Suitable for entertaining guests or as a standalone designer piece
  • Modern Italian-Style Zanuso Mahogany and Glass Bar Cart

Vintage French Art Deco Marble Top Sideboard Cocktail Bar Cabinet (1940s)

For a more comprehensive appreciation of the diversity and originality within our exquisite inventory of vintage furniture, feel free to visit our furniture store showroom, located at 245 Bridgeland Avenue in Toronto near the Yorkdale Mall.

You can also call the Carrocel fine furniture store today at 416-999-2525 or contact us to request a complimentary consultation with one of our vintage furniture specialists.

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